Where can I find toys that don’t break?

Toys don’t last long. You buy a truck or a tractor and if you are lucky the wheels and frame will stay intact more than a month. So how should one find the toys that last longer? Where can you find the toys that don’t break? The first thing you should do is consider how much money you spend on the toys that do break and then you could opt for used toys. Here is why…

Cheap toys
Cheap toys sounds just like what it is but we all know that the toy you spend $50 on breaks just as fast as the one you spent $5 on. The funny thing is that toddler really don’t care all that much. Even if a set of wheels are broken the toddler will continue to play as if nothing ever happened to the toy. Be wise and don’t point out the faults of your kids toys. Let them enjoy and learn how to stop getting new toys all the time!

Old toys
Consider getting used toys. Think about it. If a toy has survived the play of one child to be recycled and sold or given away it must be of pretty good quality. Look into yard sales and second hand stores. You can always wash off a plastic or wooden toy so that it will be fresh and clean for your child.

Wooden toys
Wooden blocks and other types of wooden toys are very good and this is the type of toy that won’t break so easily. Just consider that hard toys make a lot of noise. If you have a child who is just exploring all of the wonderful sounds things make when they fall or fly you might want to wait a bit with the wooden toys and stick to the fluffy fabric ones.

Fabric toys
Fabric toys don’t break easily and you can wash them to make them stay nice looking for a longer time. Cool fabric toys include teddy bears, dolls and puppet show characters. The last mentioned you can use to interact with your child and make stories come alive in a most thrilling way!

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