Which is the best way to wear a baby?

If you never tried baby wearing you will most likely want to know which baby wearing method is the best. The answer to this question depends a lot on you and your baby so if you are wise you wait till after the birth with buying a sling, baby carrier or wrap.

For some women baby wearing is a life saver while others just can’t cope with it. Baby in arms doesn’t mean that you have to have the baby in your arms 24/7. The idea of baby wearing is that your arms will actually be free while the baby is in a place where it feels safe and calm.

If you can’t cope with carrying your baby in a wrap or sling you should consider just having it in arms as much as possible. If baby wearing makes you stressed and tense it is much better for the baby to be close to you but not on you. In such a situation you should try different types of carriers to see if it makes a difference. If not, then put the baby down and stay relaxed and happy!

Many feel that baby carriers like Baby Björn and similar are very comfortable and easy to use. These baby carriers are a bit restricted since you can’t move them around to different positions much and you can’t breast feed while wearing the baby.

Wraps are more adjustable to your needs and with this type of baby wearing you can switch the baby to your back when you need it. Some feel that baby wraps are a bit difficult to tie. Make sure to have an experienced baby wearer show you how to use it so that you get it right from start.

Don’t miss all the great baby wearing videos that you can see on Youtube. These can be a great way to figure out which type of baby wearing that will work the best for you. Through the videos you will get an idea of what is out there and with what you can start your baby wearing testing.

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