Review of Rumpus in the Garden by Sven Nordqvist

A Rumpus in the Garden, also called A Ruckus in the Garden depending on publisher, is a wonderful children’s book for all ages. Even your younger toddlers will enjoy this book thanks to the interesting illustrations that enhance the story by telling additional tales. If you are looking for a good book for toddlers that your older kids will enjoy as well this is a good choice. Learn more about the pros and cons of this book before you get it by reading this review of Rumpus in the Garden.

The Story
A Rumpus in the Garden is the story about Old man Pettson and his cat Findus. It is part of a series of books where the pair experience adventures on the farm where they live. In this particular book they get into trouble while sowing vegetables and setting potatoes. The hens act up and a strange visitor makes a huge mess in the potato plot. Findus has to sit watchman in his tree cabin due to all of the mess but the excitement only continues as more visitors come to wreak havoc in the garden…

The Illustrations
Sven Nordqvist is not only an excellent story teller he also illustrates in a most fascinating way. Stronger than the actual story plot are his pictures with little creatures doing funny things all over. You and your kids will enjoy just looking at the pictures of this book and if the span of concentration demands it you can tell this story the way you like it by the help of the rich illustrations.

The Language
A Rumpus in the Garden has been translated from Swedish and unfortunately some of the original humorous language has been lost in translation. The cat is still very funny and the dialogue between the old man and his cat will have you smile but sometimes the translation takes on a language which might not be the most suitable for smaller kids. If you are looking to educate them with new words you will definitely build their future vocabulary with this book but don’t expect a 4 year old to understand everything you read if you read this book word by word.
In a way it is refreshing with a more grown-up language in a children’s book just make sure that your kids get what you are reading!

See this short video review of the book to get a sneak peak of what it is all about:

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