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How young is too young to go alone to Japan?

What would you say if your daughter had this great idea of going to Japan all by herself? She thought that adventures in Tokyo would make a lot of sense before life gets too serious. Personally, I think that this sounds like great fun. If it was me. If it is my daughter… well, that is another story.

Children traveling far away

I think that children that are 13 and older can travel abroad if they are accompanied by adults. It doesn’t have to be a parent. I myself took off on a choir tour far away from home when I was 13. It was an amazing adventure.

But Japan is so far away and not only that. It is so exotic. I have a feeling one could easily fall in love with that country. Another scary thought for a mom. If the child goes to Japan and then decides to stay there, what can be done?

The benefits of traveling to other countries

There are certain benefits of traveling abroad at a young age. The young person can learn a new language fast. If she stays for a few weeks it might be enough for a foundation of a language that she can continue to study at home.

Young people also form friendships easily. How lovely to have friends from other countries to stay in touch with as she grows up.

So how young is too young?

So getting back to my question. How young is too young to travel alone to Japan? I think that young children going with their parents is just fine. Likewise younger children and young adults going on some sort of tour.

But if we are talking about an older teenager going to Tokyo to stay many months in an apartment with others of the same age, it is too young to be under 20. But I would also think twice, and three times, to let her go so far away.

I think the solution would be to go together if that would be possible. Chicken mom me, but that’s how I feel!

Pick a Hotel in Orlando for Young Children

Planning a vacation with young children calls upon all your resources as a mom to make sure it will be enjoyable for the younger generation and the grown-ups alike. Your choice of destination is important. A short flight of less than 3 hours from the New York area, Orlando, Florida is one of the most child friendly vacation spots in the US. It tends to be sunny, and is much warmer than the American Northeast. Most tourist attractions, dining facilities and accommodation are geared toward the comfort of vacationing families. When you plan a visit to Florida, picking the right hotel in Orlando, your home away from home, is essential.

A peaceful night’s sleep

At its most basic, a hotel should provide a place for a peaceful night’s sleep, and that is what you will be looking for in your Orlando accommodation. When staying with young children, your needs will most likely be different from those of a single traveler. Probably you will not be interested in close proximity to the night club or the casino, but rather in the quietest location possible. You will need a room with space enough to fit in a crib or two. Safety rails for the children’s beds are an added convenience. You should ask about these requirements before making a reservation.

A good start to the day

Another essential with young children is giving them healthy food that they will enjoy, shortly after they begin to feel hunger. A hungry child is not going to have a good time, no matter how luxurious the accommodation or how entertaining the attraction. Look for an Orlando hotel that provides for the needs of young families by furnishing refrigerators and kettles or other food warming facilities. A child friendly in-hotel coffee shop that opens early in the morning is also very handy, if your youngsters are past the stage of bottles and baby food from jars. Once breakfast is taken care of, a hotel concierge who can help in booking tickets to sites you wish to visit will make your life easier. Even more important, if you do not have a car, is frequent shuttle service between the hotel and the major tourist attractions.

Finding a hotel

So how do you find a hotel that has these conveniences? The Internet is a busy mother’s friend. Look for accommodation near the sights you’d like to see and read reviews by other parents of young children who have stayed in the hotels to see what they recommend. Make sure that their priorities were similar to yours. When you find a hotel that looks promising, don’t be shy to email them and ask whether they can accommodate your requests. Arranging everything in advance for the comfort of your children is a great way to help make your vacation a wonderful family experience.

Kosher Reastaurant in Northern Israel

There are plenty of kosher restaurants in Northern Israel but not everyone is a gem to return to. If you are in the area between Nahariya and Safed you should type Shomra into your GPS or just look out for this yeshuv as you make your way to find something kosher to eat in the region. In Shomrah you will find Sahara, a restaurant with traditional Moroccan food, the Jewish way. This is a restaurant with the best possible kashrut and a menu to match. People who are staying in nearby zimmers can order their food but a visit is recommended.

Food for Everyone

Moroccan food can be very spicy bit don’t be afraid. At Sahara you can tell them that you want your food less spicy and they will hold back on the hot stuff. This is one of the best features of this kosher restaurant in Northern Israel, because you get the feeling that they treat every guest individually, and not that they just hand out whatever is brewing in the pot for the day. Kids will most likely enjoy the tasty potato chips and different meat dishes. Try the fish, it works well for all ages and it also fits the unique style of potato chips that are being served.

Great for kids!

Before the main course is served, you get a whole bunch of sallads to snack on. Together with fresh pita you have to be careful not to fill up on the sallads as the main courses deserve great appetite.

The Atmosphere

You can sit out on the porch or choose the air conditioned indoors, both are very pleasant. On the spacious porch you will still enjoy the background music while you get some of that fascinating view of the North. There are plenty of dogs and cats moving around below on the grass which makes it extra interesting for little kids to sit here and watch the show as it unfolds on the grass below the porch. The feeling that you have in this restaurant is that it is clean and very welcoming. People come to sit for a drink just to enjoy the unique atmosphere.

The Service

It is interesting to see how a restaurant in the sleepy North of Israel can offer faster service than a restaurant in Jerusalem. You get what you order fast and that’s why Sahara in Shomran in a great choice for families with little kids who don’t have the patience to sit and wait for the food to be ready.

So to sum up things, if you are in the North of Israel and you are looking for kosher lemehadrin, Sahara is a great choice. This is simply one of the best restaurants in the North of Israel and you will not regret driving 15-30 minutes to get here. In fact, you will most likely return, because there are a whole bunch of mouthwatering dishes to try out!

For more information you can visit Sahara’s Facebook page by clicking here

How to Help Kids Survive a Hotel Stay

Some hotels are great for kids while others will make you wish you’d just stayed home with them! There are several factors that can make your hotel stay with kids become pleasant and fun so make sure to look for the right features when you book hotel for your vacation. It is possible to make a long list of how to help kids survive a hotel stay and a lot depends on how you plan the time you spend in the hotel but before you book room look for the following features for a better stay:

1. Comfortable Rooms
Not all hotels have large rooms and if you don’t say anything about it when you book room you might end up in a tiny space. In places like New York it is very common with boutique style hotels and in these the rooms are always smaller. To fix this problem you can ask for a suite. If your economy does not allow for suites even if you share with a friend you should look for hotels with rooms that are a bit larger.

2. Flexible and Service Minded Staff
Great service is a must when you bring the kids along for a hotel stay. The hotel staff needs to be used to kids and understand where you are coming from with your requests. You shouldn’t have to waste time and energy on asking for a crib when you already requested one when you booked room. It is also nice to feel welcome even if the kids are laughing loudly in the lobby. For this reason it is better to choose a hotel suitable for kids and not one full of business people craving silence at all times.

3. Entertainment
Check for features like pool, movies and space to just run safely. Hotels with spaces that are safe to play in are the best for little kids and families. If there is a pool you should check that there is a place where small kids will also be able to get in and swim safely.