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How to get kids to drink wheatgrass juice

Did you try to give your children wheatgrass juice? Did you get rejected? Perhaps something like: “Mom, that is… well… grass, cows eat grass…” You smile and tell the little wise one, that so do we.

Somehow the fresh smell of grass does not bring children to want to participate in the wheatgrass juice fest. How can you get kids to take wheat grass shots in the morning just like you do? It would be so good for them but somehow things that are very healthy seem to get kids to object.

Get the kids to drink wheatgrass juice!

I got my kids to drink wheatgrass juice, and this is how I did it…

For all the kids

No matter age, helping out with the juicing is fun and an incentive to drink the juice. It makes a mess, expect grass all over your kitchen, but once the juice is ready they want to try. They might not be crazy about the taste but if you act as if this is really cool they might do the same. Like they are drinking something that is really meant for adults.

Get a good hand driven wheatgrass juicer if you want the fun of cooperation. The electric juicers can also be great but might not present the same level of fun in making the juice.

Make the wheatgrass juice with the kids!

Grow it together

Similarly, it can help to grow the grass together like a project. Get the seeds and start a little farm project in the basement. Watching the grass grow could increase the desire to drink the juice from it…


Getting very young kids to drink wheatgrass juice

Bribe, bribe and bribe some more… Yes, it isn’t politically correct but it works. If you drink this (remember that it is just a cheek full) you will get A, Y or Z. This works with a four year old and definitely with older kids who will be happy to get new stickers for the albums, coins for their piggy bank and similar things. A shot a day can bring in many coins, remind them of this!

Pretend that you didn’t notice the kid behind your back

You want older kids to think that drinking wheatgrass juice is awesome. They won’t think so by you telling them this. But if some cool dude out in the nature talks about how he could see eagles fetch fish miles away they might get hooked. Pretend that you are doing your wheat grass research without noticing them behind you back. Play this video on your computer and have them watch it too. (This works the best when the kids are not normally allowed to watch movies or play games whenever they want)


The oh-so-special-not-for-you approach

Together with another grown-up you drink the juice. When the kids ask what it is you tell them that it is nothing for them. You don’t even bother to explain. When they nudge you tell then they won’t like it because they are kids. Do this a few times. It will have them try it. After that, you might need new techniques because it taste like, well uhm, grass. Cows eat grass…


Make it a game

You can get very scientific about it with older kids. Make a chart where you rate how tired you feel at a certain hour. Start taking the wheatgrass shots in the morning and then check daily how you feel. This is a game that both grownups and kids love. If your family is into charts and measuring things this can also be a help.

Disguise it!

If nothing else will do you might have to trick them. Cover the wheatgrass juice in something sweet and green. A commercial juice that they will drink could easily hide some of the healthy stuff. The downside to this is that the commercial juice is not exactly all that healthy. Just make sure your trick goes undetected. If not this might put the child off healthy things in your kitchen forever!

If these tricks don’t work to make the kids drink wheatgrass juice you might just want to put the project on hold a bit and pray for salvation in the shape of friends and other influencers getting onto the wheatgrass train.

Onion can be helpful when kids are coughing

Are they coughing the night away? Cough syrup is not always working and it can be frustrating to sit and listen to that constant cough. Try onion! Open up an onion and place it on a plate on the floor in the room where the child that coughs is supposed to be sleeping. You might very well see wonders from this.

Now, if the child is coughing out of allergy or asthma it is important to see a doctor to get proper treatment. The onion is not going to help him breathe properly again but it can also be a help alongside other methods like asthma medications. Try it out!

How to treat pinworms when pregnant

Pinworms are quite common among toddlers and pre-school kids and naturally those living with these youngsters risk getting the little white worms. If you are pregnant with pinworms the first thing you need to know is that it is not dangerous for the health of your new baby but, of course, it isn’t a pleasant experience and you should try to get rid of them in safe ways. Here are some important facts and advises if you need to treat pinworms when pregnant. Don’t despair; it is possible to get rid of them without medication!

No medicines!

Unfortunately you will not find conventional medicines against pinworms that are allowed for a pregnant woman. Treat your kids but don’t touch these medicines yourself! You will also find it difficult to treat pinworms when pregnant with natural medicines since they all state that they are not to be used when pregnant. This doesn’t mean that they are actually dangerous to use but rather that they haven’t gone through enough testing for their producers to stand behind a recommendation. This leaves a pregnant woman with pinworms without any medicines to treat the condition with, so what can be done? Plenty…

Your diet

OK, you are not supposed to start a diet when pregnant but you should certainly try to eat healthy and to avoid overeating. Pinworms love sugar so your first step should be to drastically reduce your intake of sugar. You can get plenty of sweet through fruits so cut cookies, candy and white sugar from your diet. Remember that white bread is quite often loaded with sugar, switch to a whole wheat brand instead. You should also get enough fiber to ease your digestion. Fruit will be good since it can help you clean yourself and reduce the blockage that worms would enjoy for pockets of surviving.


It is well known that garlic works as a great medicine against pinworms and this is a natural medicine for pinworms that a pregnant woman can use. Make a salad and put in 2-3 cloves of garlic. Don’t cut the garlic into small pieces as this will take some of the power out of it. If you can muster eating garlic like this for a few days combined with a sugar free diet, you are well on your way to get rid of the worms!


This is the step that can be a challenge, and especially when you are pregnant and already in sore need of rest and not of more housework. If the house is suffering from the worms you need to switch sheets and covers every day. If you don’t laundry them, at least air them out and hang them in a sunny place, the sun will kill the eggs and the worms. Change your underwear frequently and try to clean your private parts each time you go to the bathroom. Trim your nails and wash your hands with soap after every visit to the bathroom and before you eat or prepare any food.

This is how you can treat pinworms when you are pregnant and the good things with these steps is that they will also leave you healthier and with a very clean and tidy house. In a way you might want to see it as a blessing getting pinworms when pregnant when the result is that you have to stay away from all of that junk that only adds to your waistline and not to the healthy development of your baby. Good luck!

This is how to use a treadmill for spiritual and physical fitness

A treadmill is a wonderful piece of equipment. Today many women have one standing folded against the wall with various items hanging from the handles. If you’re only using it for burning calories by dusting it off once a month you need to see your treadmill in a new light. Turn it away from the window and make sure that you will be facing the wall where you can have privacy from passersby who might wonder if you have lost it as you seem to be talking to no one while walking on the treadmill.

Spiritual Exercise

If you don’t know about Emunah yet, you need to start by getting The Garden of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush. This book will explain to you how you can change your life and start living with meaning and happiness without paying a fortune to psychologist, drug companies and gurus. One of the main aspects of Emunah, loosely translated as Faith, is to speak to G-d. Yes, you should speak to your Maker as if He was a friend with the difference that this Friend can truly do something about all of your woes and troubles.

Now, as much as we would like to get spiritual there is really no time for it. Women are busy with the facts of life and if we are lucky we get to express our spiritual needs for a few minutes here and there. With your treadmill and knowledge of how you can turn it into your hitbodedut station all of this can change. You can burn calories and get closer to G-d.

Your Talking to G-d Project

Speaking to G-d, also called Hitbodedut, is not always an easy thing to do, especially if you never did it, so the next step is to read In Forest Fields: A Unique Guide to Personal Prayer by Rabbi Shalom Arush. This book will give you some very useful information of how to talk to G-d and how to make requests. You can also read In the Garden of GratitudeThe Garden of Gratitude by Rabbi Shalom Arush to increase your inspiration to truly start your new project of walking the treadmill and talking to G-d. Don’t talk to other people too much about this, your evil inclination will be busy at work trying to prevent you from doing this because it could change your life in no time and all and leave the evil inclination without much to do but watch your happy life.

One Hour a Day

Aim for one hour a day on the treadmill. If you can’t commit to this amount of time do 30 minutes to begin with. Place a note with the things you need to talk to G-d about as you walk on the treadmill. You will be able to keep an eye on the treadmill clock so that you can divide your session into even parts. Choose a speed that makes it possible for you to talk. It is only good if you have to catch your breath, with time you will see that your stamina will improve and as you get used to talking to G-d, your body will get into shape. You will shed pounds as you shed your troubles.

Getting a Treadmill

If you don’t have a treadmill you might want to get one. Today this does not have to cost a lot of money and if you ask around a bit you might find that someone else might have one that you can take over before it caves in to the dust. You will only need a regular type of treadmill that will allow a faster walking pace. If it is foldable it is good since you might not have all that much space for it. Place it in a private corner where you can talk to G-d without anyone seeing your face. This is truly a perfect solution for a woman who wants to keep her privacy and work on her connection with G-d while doing something healthy that will soon make it possible to get into those pre-wedding skirts again.

Good luck!