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Kosher Reastaurant in Northern Israel

There are plenty of kosher restaurants in Northern Israel but not everyone is a gem to return to. If you are in the area between Nahariya and Safed you should type Shomra into your GPS or just look out for this yeshuv as you make your way to find something kosher to eat in the region. In Shomrah you will find Sahara, a restaurant with traditional Moroccan food, the Jewish way. This is a restaurant with the best possible kashrut and a menu to match. People who are staying in nearby zimmers can order their food but a visit is recommended.

Food for Everyone

Moroccan food can be very spicy bit don’t be afraid. At Sahara you can tell them that you want your food less spicy and they will hold back on the hot stuff. This is one of the best features of this kosher restaurant in Northern Israel, because you get the feeling that they treat every guest individually, and not that they just hand out whatever is brewing in the pot for the day. Kids will most likely enjoy the tasty potato chips and different meat dishes. Try the fish, it works well for all ages and it also fits the unique style of potato chips that are being served.

Great for kids!

Before the main course is served, you get a whole bunch of sallads to snack on. Together with fresh pita you have to be careful not to fill up on the sallads as the main courses deserve great appetite.

The Atmosphere

You can sit out on the porch or choose the air conditioned indoors, both are very pleasant. On the spacious porch you will still enjoy the background music while you get some of that fascinating view of the North. There are plenty of dogs and cats moving around below on the grass which makes it extra interesting for little kids to sit here and watch the show as it unfolds on the grass below the porch. The feeling that you have in this restaurant is that it is clean and very welcoming. People come to sit for a drink just to enjoy the unique atmosphere.

The Service

It is interesting to see how a restaurant in the sleepy North of Israel can offer faster service than a restaurant in Jerusalem. You get what you order fast and that’s why Sahara in Shomran in a great choice for families with little kids who don’t have the patience to sit and wait for the food to be ready.

So to sum up things, if you are in the North of Israel and you are looking for kosher lemehadrin, Sahara is a great choice. This is simply one of the best restaurants in the North of Israel and you will not regret driving 15-30 minutes to get here. In fact, you will most likely return, because there are a whole bunch of mouthwatering dishes to try out!

For more information you can visit Sahara’s Facebook page by clicking here

Fun Salads for Child on Diet

Everybody knows that a diet demands some creative solutions for how to fill that plate up. It is never easy to just cut down on food that has worked as comfort and left you feeling full and soothed. This is no different for a child on a diet and in order to make the weight loss for a kid endurable it is important to offer some fun and healthy alternatives. You don’t have to slice a cucumber and place on the plate to make up for the chips. Here are some really cool ideas for salads that are attractive for a child that needs to lose weight!


With carrots you can make many healthy things. If your child likes carrot juice you should consider investing in a juice maker. With a juice maker you can make juice of any vegetable and fruit that you like and get healthy naturally sweet drinks. Carrots are good for weight loss and they also promote healthy eyes so you are smart to include them in your child’s diet!

A very tasty carrot salad is made out of grated carrots and crushed pineapples. Take out the grater and shred the carrot at any size that you’d like. Mix the carrots with pieces of pineapples and you get a sweet and tasty salad that kids like!

Regular Salad made fun!

You can also create a regular salad in a new format. Slice the cucumbers, tomatoes and some spice the coriander into miniature pieces. Add miniature pieces of onion to this and mix it well. You can also pour some olive oil and lemon juice on this salad to make a real treat. Don’t forget the salt but both salt and olive oil must be used with moderation for a child on a diet!

The things that make the Salad more Eatable

For kids on a diet that hate the veggies you need to consider how to make that salad more attractive. Sometimes it is enough to mix in pineapple to make it look less like salad but some kids are trickier than other. Consider different types of nuts like almonds and walnuts as an addition to your salads. You can also roast sunflower seeds and add to the salad. These ingredients also promote a longer satisfied feeling so that your child won’t feel hungry so soon and benefit from the salad that you added to the meal.

You can also add a spoon of humus or sesame paste to make the salad tastier and get an effect similar to the one of the nuts. Since humus and sesame paste are fatty ingredients you need to be careful not to overdo it or leave access to refills to the child to handle! Remember that everything in moderation will help your child lose that weight so be supportive with this by limiting the access to the goodies!

Fast and Healthy Food for Hungry Kids

I went by Healthier and More Prosperous Living and read a post about Squash and I can only agree on how tasty this vegetable is. It is so easy to cook and include in other dishes to create healthy food for hungry people. This is a recipe for veggie omelets with squash that are really good for kids and grownups. Make them and send them in your children’s food packs or bring them to the park. They are easy to make and fast to eat!


I Squash, peeled and shredded
½ Cup All Purpose Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
2-3 Eggs
Salt and spice

This is How to do it:

Shred the squash and potato and squeeze out the excess water. Mix this with the flour, baking powder, eggs and spice. A good idea for a more oriental touch is to add cardamom. Many kids love the smell and taste of this spice and adults will definitely enjoy the different touch of these easy omelets.

Take a regular spoon and fry mini omelets in your favorite cooking oil. Make sure that the oil is hot before you put the squash mix in the pan! When the omelet is golden brownish it is ready. Place it on paper towels to get rid of some of the oil and then serve or package for the park or lunch.

These squash omelets are a fast and easy alternative for hungry kids and they come in handy when you are all out of ideas or just need an alternative to your regular cooking scheme. Enjoy and leave a comment about how your omelets turned out!

Adi’s Fantastic Egg Free Cake

If you need a cake without eggs this is one that will have everyone smile from delight. Not only is this egg free cake easy to make it smells and tastes fantastic! To make it you need the following ingredients:

1 1/2 cups flower (make sure to sift it well)
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup oil (not olive oil!)
1 cup cold water (to give the egg free cake an even better taste you can make this coffee. Just make sure to add instant coffee to hot water and then let it cool or add the cool water)
2 tsp vanilla essence
1 1/2 to 2 tsp vinegar (to be added after the mixing of the ingredients above)

You mix all of the ingredients well in a bowl till the texture is smooth. Then you add the vinegar and mix it all well again. Now, taste this egg free cake batter, it tastes amazing already before you cook it. You can also be cool about letting kids lick the bowl since it is all perfectly egg free!

Put the egg free cake batter into a regular cake form and bake it in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 180-200 C. Check with a stcik when it is ready. If the stick comes out of the egg free cake without any batter on it the cake is ready.

Take out the egg free cake of the owen and let it cool. You can enjoy the cake like this but if you have the additional time for an extra twist do the following:

Make little holes all over the cake with a fork. Mix:
1/2 cup boiling water
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
100 g chocolate

Pour this mixture over the egg free cake for a very tasty frosting.

Now you can invite all of your friends that demands cakes without eggs and present them with a cake that even your regular egg easting friends will enjoy!