Can Gripe Water Help an Adult?

As you treat your baby’s fussy tummy with gripe water you feel your own rumbling. It can be stressful with waking nights, to say the least! You also need something to calm down but can gripe water help an adult? Before you drop some of that magic potion into your own mouth you should read … Read more

Is Too Much Gripe Water Dangerous?

When a baby is in pain from gas, gripe water can be one of the methods to treat the discomfort by helping the digestive process work better. An important question that many ask is, “is too much gripe water dangerous for my child?” As you try to administer the drops a lot falls out of … Read more

How Does Gripe Water Provide Colic Relief?

Gripe water is known by most parents as a remedy to use when the baby is crying from gas. Most babies go through a few months of fussy tummy and even if it passes rather fast it can be aggravating to have to listen to the constant crying. Parents that want to make their baby … Read more

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