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How to Choose Sandals for a Child

It is summertime and also time for sandals! Sandals are great and kids usually love them. There are so many styles to choose from that it can be hard to decide how to choose sandals for a child. To help you make a decision, this article looks at some of the major points to think about when buying sandals for a child. A sandal for a child must be practical and not only cool or pretty.

How will They be Used?

For sandals that are mainly meant for the beach and the pool you are really looking for something that can withstand water well and not necessarily the shoes that are the most ergonomic for your child’s feet. Plastic and rubber sandals are extremely practical but remember that they are not meant for everyday use as they won’t provide your child’s feet with the support that they need. Plastic and rubber sandals also don’t allow for sweat to leave the foot as it should which is something to think about in terms of health and hygiene.

Kids that Wear and Tear

Many kids are experts at ruining new shoes fast. Little boys that run and drag their feet on the ground as they drive a toy car make those new shoes look like hobo-collection in no time. It is quite usual that parents have to buy new shoes for active kids every 2-3 months. If this is the case it doesn’t make much sense to buy the most expensive types of sandals. You can get great sandals in out-lets and from less recognized brands. This doesn’t mean that they are any less than your brand shoes. In fact, many times the off-brand sandals will last just as long as the expensive ones and be just as supportive and healthy for your child’s feet so don’t be a fool for the tag!

Material and Style

It is important to look at the material of the sandals for your child. Leather is a good choice since it stretches and also lets the feet breathe. If you buy leather sandals for your child from a cheaper brand you need to check that it is truly leather shoes that you are getting. The smell will most likely give them away but check that the actual shoe and sole are made of leather for comfort and quality.

The last thing to consider is what your child likes but this will usually work out well considering all of the cool and pretty sandals for kids available now a days. Don’t get them too many options to choose from to make it easier and only present sandals that you are ready to buy!

These are leather sandals from Dr Step in Jerusalem. They cost about $17.

How to Dress Your Baby for the Winter

Cold weather is a fact for many of us and during the winter months you might find it too tricky to go out and play with your kids. It is cold and wet outside so you suffer inside with kids climbing at the walls. To get through this kind of scenario you must either learn how to activate your baby properly indoors or know how to dress your baby for the winter.

The second option is the best one because playing outside dressed properly is healthy both for you and your baby.


The first thing to know about is layers. Layers of clothing help to preserve your baby’s heath. You should not overdo it. Your baby must stay mobile to be able to run, climb and have fun outside. Put on a good long sleeved jump suit or sweater coupled with long join underwear. Put another layer of shirt and pants over this. Depending on your baby’s shoes you might also want to layer the socks for maximum warmth. Just make sure not to pack it too tight as it is the air in between the layers that becomes warm and keeps the heath better.

Keep the Water out!

Over your baby’s regular clothes and jacket you should add some form of rain set unless you have an overall which is also rain proof. It is very important to keep your baby dry and especially so by the feet, head and hands. Make sure that your overalls or rain suit has snaps and straps that make sure that your baby’s shoes or both fit well inside so that no water can creep in through cracks.

Hat and Gloves

Don’t forget about the hat and gloves. It is a well-known myth that most of the body heath goes out through the head but even if this is not true you should keep the head warm and protected by a comfortable hat. Make sure that your baby won’t sweat and get wet hair under the hat. If he already got wet hair you should take him inside and dry it, not remove the hat to let the cold wind give him a blow dry!

Quality clothes are always great but remember that it is how you dress your baby for the winter that matters. Use your Mommy senses and get out there for play also when the wind howls and the puddles stand deep. These moments will become sensatory and emotional memories that your baby will cherish for life!

How can I keep my child’s feet dry without rubber boots?

Rubber boots are great to have during and after rainy weather. There is hardly one kid that doesn’t enjoy jumping in the puddles or stomping water off the slide. So what should you do if you don’t have fitting boots for your child? When the weather is cold it could be a very bad idea to let the child’s feet become wet and cold.

Sitting inside is also not the best idea since your kid or kids might climb the walls and drive you insane while doing so. In such a situation you need to think creatively and do what you can to keep your child’s feet dry without rubber boots.
You can take sandwich bags and put your child’s feet into these before dressing him or her in their regular shoes. It sounds a bit crazy but if the sandwich bag only comes up to the ankle it will work. Another similar idea is to dress the feet in latex gloves before dressing them in the regular shoes.

These two techniques do work when you need to keep your child’s feet dry without rubber boots but only if they go in puddles moderately. You should also note that plastic bags on the feet in the shoe only works when the shoe come up a bit on the ankle and you have some kind of rain pants that stretch over the shoe.

Even with this kind of shoe and rain paint you will most likely see soaked feet if your child goes into a big puddle and decides to take a bath in it. Even regular rubber boats might let in water in such a situation. For regular-park-play or easy running and walking the plastic bag or latex gloves could very well solve your problem.

Your child’s feet will stay dry without the rubber boots but you will need to dry the actual shoes after wards. But this might be worth the effort when your child gets to burn off the energies outside and not on the walls of your home!