What is the ideal age for starting potty training?

There is no ideal age for starting potty training. Some kids learn it from the very first day since their mothers have the patience and drive to skip the diapers and train right away. Others become aware of their bodily functions at a certain stage and that is when it is time to start potty training!

How do you know if they know?

A good way to check this is to see if the child will pee during a shower. When this happens, you can talk about it and next time ask if they want to pee. If they start doing this during showers and baths you know that they know how to control this muscle.

If you are ready to take the mess ups, off with the diapers during day time! When the child feels the sensation of being wet it is easier to train. But there will be plenty of “Mommy, pee pee on the floor!”.

If you wait till the child is a bit older, closer to 3, the potty training can be faster. But this is not a rule. There are plenty of kids around 1 years old that can do this. You need to tune in to your child’s development and be sensitive to it.

You can always try!

Remember, it won’t hurt your child to pee on themselves because you decided to give it a try. If you handle the mess ups in a pleasant way, they will not get traumatized by it. If you want to check if your child is ready for potty training just try. It might be time; it might not be.

And if it isn’t you can be sure that soon that child will want to potty train, that is the natural way of every human being!

Mom working as freelance from home – Pros and cons

If you want to work from home because you have little children to take care of you are not alone. Today many moms decide to work from their houses. Not only when the children are babies. Once kids start going to school it can be a great advantage for mom to be available at home when needed.

There are many jobs that can work well for a mom that wants to stay home and yet have an income. Have a look at this Swedish content writer. With a smart webpage it is possible to reach the entire world. Perhaps you know a language that could bring you writing and translation assignments.

Working moms

Other possible jobs from home are:

  • Phone sales
  • Web building
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Home sales

The list can become very long. In fact, there are a lot of jobs that can be converted and adjusted to fit your life as a stay at home mom. A good advice is to look at what you like the most and then see how that could translate into a job from home.

Advantages of working from home

The advantages of working from home are many. You will always be there and you can adjust your job to your schedule. If you are having a baby it can be a wonderful feeling to know that you can breastfeed freely and not have to stress about daycare during the first year.

Running your own business, you also have the option of scaling it according to the time you have for working. If you are successful you might even find it necessary to branch out and hire people for certain assignments.

Some of the most important advantages of working from home are:

  • You cut time on traveling to work
  • You save money on daycare for the kids
  • You can manage your working hours according to your needs
  • You can combine work with things you need to do at home
  • You are always there for kids who need to come home from school ASAP

Cons of working from home

But is it all sunshine and la la land? Of course not! Many work-at-home moms will let you know that there are cons to this type of working situation. One is that you never get a break from your house and home environment. You are always by the kitchen with the tempting fridge, the laundry room with the growing laundry mountain and other things that should not be dealt with when you are working.

To make it work you must have a schedule and stick to it. If you start mixing too much between your role as a mom and housekeeper and your job it can become sticky and very stressful. Make sure that baby is sleeping or someone is watching him when you sit down by the computer to work. That will help you let go of baby-related thoughts.

The schedule will also help you with another obvious con of working from home, namely working too much. There are no set hours and therefore you could end up sitting all night by the computer. That is not a strategy that will work when you must get up early next morning to take care of children, breakfasts and other house matters.

How young is too young to go alone to Japan?

What would you say if your daughter had this great idea of going to Japan all by herself? She thought that adventures in Tokyo would make a lot of sense before life gets too serious. Personally, I think that this sounds like great fun. If it was me. If it is my daughter… well, that is another story.

Children traveling far away

I think that children that are 13 and older can travel abroad if they are accompanied by adults. It doesn’t have to be a parent. I myself took off on a choir tour far away from home when I was 13. It was an amazing adventure.

But Japan is so far away and not only that. It is so exotic. I have a feeling one could easily fall in love with that country. Another scary thought for a mom. If the child goes to Japan and then decides to stay there, what can be done?

The benefits of traveling to other countries

There are certain benefits of traveling abroad at a young age. The young person can learn a new language fast. If she stays for a few weeks it might be enough for a foundation of a language that she can continue to study at home.

Young people also form friendships easily. How lovely to have friends from other countries to stay in touch with as she grows up.

So how young is too young?

So getting back to my question. How young is too young to travel alone to Japan? I think that young children going with their parents is just fine. Likewise younger children and young adults going on some sort of tour.

But if we are talking about an older teenager going to Tokyo to stay many months in an apartment with others of the same age, it is too young to be under 20. But I would also think twice, and three times, to let her go so far away.

I think the solution would be to go together if that would be possible. Chicken mom me, but that’s how I feel!

The 20 best baby dolls for 1 year olds – A great baby doll for baby and you!

After boys I was finally blessed with a girl. A girl, dolls!!! Before she could lift her head by herself we had a baby doll. Grandparents, bonus grandparents and friends decided we needed the best baby dolls for our baby girl. We got Baby dolls for 1 years olds before she even hit one month!

One particular grandparent insisted on a baby doll that pees and opens and closes the eyes. We still enjoy this particular doll very much. Perhaps because it looks so real and feels great to the touch.

Since that first dollie, she has turned 1 and is well on her way to 2 and beyond. By now, I know a great deal about baby dolls for 1 year olds. And also about dolls for boys. This since the little girl’s brothers who turned out to be quite interested as well. So I decided to share this information with you.

One thing I can say, the cheap ones are not worth your while! At least not with brothers around. They go into smithereens in no time. So let’s have a look at the dolls for kids that can be seen as an investment since they have great quality and other important features.

Before I launch into a long list of different dolls that look very real, I want to mention a very special doll called Eco Buds from Rubens. This is a very special doll made of organic cotton. Good for the environment and good for the baby!

Click on the picture below to learn more about Eco Buds!

If you are looking for a baby doll for a 1 year old or older, look no more. Here are the very best ones!

  1. Corolle Mon Bebe

There are studies that show that infants prefer to play with toys geared to their gender. I must say that there is something to this. But, I also want to add that my boys very much enjoyed dolls. This Corelle Mon Bebe doll is something else.

It smells like cup cakes (the boys love it as much as their sister), it is dressed in blue and it is soooo cute. It is funny because while this baby doll is for the 1 year old girl, neighbor boys come around wanting to hold it!

It also has eyes that open and close. Not a small thing even if my daughter didn’t seem to care much about that in the beginning. As she is getting older she does. Now she is playing “go to sleep” games and then the baby dolls closing eyes are great.

Learn more about Corelle here or click on the image of the doll below.

  1. Me Too Keppel Deer Baby Doll

OK, I know, this does not look like a real doll but it is a fabulous one. The Me Too Keppel Deer baby doll for girls is hard to resist. In fact, it can be the best first baby doll for a one year old simply because it is so sweet to hold.

High quality also figures as a big plus of this toy. Granddaughters love it and mothers too. In fact this doll could work very well as a combined mother’s day and 1 year old gift. Read more about it here!

  1. Ashton Drake Baby Dolls

We must mention Ashton Drake Baby Dolls in an article with the best baby dolls for 1 year olds.  The great thing about these dolls is that they look real. If you want a baby doll that will be picture perfect and cuddly to the touch this is a good choice.

Made out of silicone the Ashton Drake baby dolls feel reel when you touch them. That is exciting for anyone. Long eyelashes and other special details creates a special bond between child and doll from the start.

If the child says that they want a real baby, this is it! The quality is amazing and the doll can wear real baby clothing. Perfect when you don’t want to throw out her old baby clothes. She can now let her doll wear them.

Have a look at Baby Prince George. He is something! Click on the picture for more information.

  1. Realistic Reborn Toddler Girl doll

The hair is very similar to human hair and this is a doll with realistic proportions. It is easy to find clothes for this doll. Any clothes made for 6-9 month olds should fit well. So if you still have some of these when you celebrate the first birthday they can be used again.

The best thing about this realistic doll is that it fits as a baby doll for 1 year old and then further. She will continue playing with the doll for many years. That will be quite possible thanks to the high quality. This is a great example of how it pays to invest in a doll of higher quality.

Read more about the toddler doll here. Or click on the picture below.

  1. Baby doll that pees – Baby Alive

If you are looking for a baby dolls that pee, you will find a lot of cheap ones. They are not such high quality but might be enough for a few weeks of fun. But there are a few exceptions. This Baby Alive doll is amazing. It is teething and it wets the diapers.

We started brushing the teeth early since she saw her brothers do it. But this doll can also be a help. Brush the baby doll teeth, brush the child’s teeth! The accessories, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, are phenomenal. The hair is also perfect length. It doesn’t tangle easily like the hair of many other dolls do.

  1. Adora is adorable!

I think Adora is a great first baby doll for 1 year old. She is adorable so the name really suits her. This doll comes with a diaper and invites to real play. Interesting to note is that this doll has the face of a toddler. But her body has the size of a newborn. This is an asset!

The details are impressive. They make this doll so worth the while. Read more about Adora here or click on the picture below.

  1. Another Adora!

This one is a blondie with plump cheeks. She comes with a diaper and invites to realistic play. Her clothes are well made. Big thumb up to the fact that this Adora doll is so easy to unwrap. You don’t need scissors. And no one has to wait too long to start playing!

  1. Minnie Mouse Doll

Hug Minnie and she will sing the Hot Dog song! Fans of Disney must invest in this lovely doll. It isn’t all that easy to find a singing Minnie doll, but here she is. You can get more information about the doll here, or click on the image below.

  1. Newborn with rubber ducky towel

He is so cute, and he looks real! That is an important thing. Right now she is not so aware of it. But when you get quality baby dolls for 1 year old it is meant to last. In a few years from now it will make a difference that this newborn baby doll feels so real. You can see that in the picture below.

This doll is so soft to the touch. It doesn’t feel like plastic at all! It is possible to give him a pacifier and also a bottle. But newborn clothing will be a bit big so you will have to look for preemie clothes or doll clothes of the right size. You can read more about this doll here.

  1. My favorite Adora doll!

She is so cute and reminds me a lot of my girlie. But Workout Chic is dressed in something that I could have worn as a child! Click here to see what I mean. This doll makes me smile every time I look at her but that is not the most important thing.

She smells good and you can even fit a regular pacifier in the mouth if you trim it a bit. You can dress her in clothing for 0-3 months. It is one of the happiest dolls I ever saw!

  1. Pursuebaby princess doll

This is also a very real doll. While I wouldn’t say that it is the very best baby doll for 1 year old it is definitely a good choice. The princess is a toddler so here we are not talking about caring for a make pretend baby. But she is so pretty!

I just want to say that they hair must be handled right. Or it might become quite frizzy. But if you are a grandparent looking for a doll for a grandchild this can be recommended. It is the type of doll that will last a long time.

Click here to learn more or on the picture below.

  1. Adora Rainbow Unicorn

By now it should be obvious that I really appreciate the Adora dolls. Here is another one. Rainbow Unicorn is a piece of art. And she is soft and cuddly to hug. Click here to learn more about this pretty doll.

I think that Rainbow Unicorn is a good choice for the child that is gentle. If you have a 1 year old that pulls and rips this is not the doll for her. It is a lot about details. While it keeps a very high quality it is not recommended to pull it through the sandbox. With other words, not necessarily the doll for a girl with active brothers. But perhaps for one princess with silky hands!

Click on the picture below to see more about this beautiful doll.

  1. Paradise Layla

What a name for a doll! But hey, it is paradise when they look this happy all the time. Some get the doll for older relatives that could play babysitting. But it is also much appreciated by little girls. This doll almost feels as if it is alive. That is something!

You can click here to learn more about Layla. Or click the pick below. Paradise Galleries are known for high quality dolls and this is a lovely one.

  1. Sweetly Snuggled Sarah

In a sweater knitted by grandma, Sweetly Snuggled Sarah is so real. This is an Ashton Drake doll. It has wisps of hair that are soft and make her seem like a real baby. You can brush her hair with a real brush. It is also possible to dress her in baby clothing.

Read more about Sarah here. Or click on the image below.

  1. Madame Alexander My Little Sweetheart

This is a nice doll for an affordable price. She has hair that can be brushed and styled. If you are looking for something in the lower price range and yet get some decent quality this is a good pick. The Sweet Baby Nursery Collection is known for good dolls.

You can read more about Madame Alexander here. Or just click on her picture below.

  1. Terabithia Reborn baby girl doll

She is a toddler with two little teeth sticking up from the lower gums. Her hair feels real and her size fits clothing for 18 to 24 months. This is a wonderful doll. And a great present if you are looking for baby dolls for 1 year old girls thinking ahead.

Read more about Terabithia here or click on the image.

  1. The Froggy Fun Boy doll

This is another darling from Adora. It is a boy with auburn hair and a frog overall. You can move the arms and the legs. And this doll smells so good. He fits well in newborn clothes. A big plus with this doll is the weight. It feels real. Learn more about the doll here. Or click the pic below!

  1. American Girl Maryellen

It is only when they get a little bit older that they start to appreciate the stories of the American Girl dollies. But they can still be great baby dolls for 1 year old girls. This is a gift thinking ahead. The clothing can be changed, even the underwear. The doll is of high quality and comes with the book.

Have a look at Maryellen here.

  1. Party Perfect with dark brown hair

If you are looking for a doll with brown hair this is one of the prettiest around. Made out of durable vinyl this doll is made for play! The doll also comes with a diaper. Have a look here or click on the picture below.

  1. Strawberry Shortcake doll

She does not look real at all! It is a Strawberry Shortcake doll so she looks like Strawberry Shortcake! This doll is so well made and very cuddly. It is a keeper!

Check her out here or click on the image below.

Top baby doll brands

Baby doll brand nameDescriptionWebsite
AdoraAdora toys are playful, durable and are machine washable!adoraplay.com
Ashton Drake
Ashton Drake is a premier source for a variety of dolls and doll accessories.ashtondrake.com‎
Paradise GalleriesSince 1991, they specialize at dolls bring happiness!paradisegalleries.com
American GirlOffering a line of baby dolls, help teach girls ages 3-6 important life skills in a joyful way! americangirl.com
Madame AlexanderA manufacturer of high quality dolls that look real!madamealexander.com
Annalee DollsOffering a large selection of unique design dolls!annalee.com
Lottie DollsInspired by kids, offering little dolls that make kids have real fun!lottie.com