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Mom working as freelance from home – Pros and cons

If you want to work from home because you have little children to take care of you are not alone. Today many moms decide to work from their houses. Not only when the children are babies. Once kids start going to school it can be a great advantage for mom to be available at home when needed.

There are many jobs that can work well for a mom that wants to stay home and yet have an income. Have a look at this Swedish content writer. With a smart webpage it is possible to reach the entire world. Perhaps you know a language that could bring you writing and translation assignments.

Working moms

Other possible jobs from home are:

  • Phone sales
  • Web building
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Home sales

The list can become very long. In fact, there are a lot of jobs that can be converted and adjusted to fit your life as a stay at home mom. A good advice is to look at what you like the most and then see how that could translate into a job from home.

Advantages of working from home

The advantages of working from home are many. You will always be there and you can adjust your job to your schedule. If you are having a baby it can be a wonderful feeling to know that you can breastfeed freely and not have to stress about daycare during the first year.

Running your own business, you also have the option of scaling it according to the time you have for working. If you are successful you might even find it necessary to branch out and hire people for certain assignments.

Some of the most important advantages of working from home are:

  • You cut time on traveling to work
  • You save money on daycare for the kids
  • You can manage your working hours according to your needs
  • You can combine work with things you need to do at home
  • You are always there for kids who need to come home from school ASAP

Cons of working from home

But is it all sunshine and la la land? Of course not! Many work-at-home moms will let you know that there are cons to this type of working situation. One is that you never get a break from your house and home environment. You are always by the kitchen with the tempting fridge, the laundry room with the growing laundry mountain and other things that should not be dealt with when you are working.

To make it work you must have a schedule and stick to it. If you start mixing too much between your role as a mom and housekeeper and your job it can become sticky and very stressful. Make sure that baby is sleeping or someone is watching him when you sit down by the computer to work. That will help you let go of baby-related thoughts.

The schedule will also help you with another obvious con of working from home, namely working too much. There are no set hours and therefore you could end up sitting all night by the computer. That is not a strategy that will work when you must get up early next morning to take care of children, breakfasts and other house matters.

The 5 Gifts for Mom that will save Her Time

Mom is busy and if you ask her what gift she would like she might say that if you could arrange a few more hours a day, it would be a pretty cool thing. Well, you can’t change the hours or the day or the structure of the week. Civilizations have done this before with nothing but agony and a big mess as a result! Even so, you can help your Mom with the time if you get her the best gifts for Mom that will save her time!

Here are some good ideas; they are not romantic and not very dreamy. They are regular stuff that can save Mom a lot of time! If you are anyways going to get practical gifts for Mom you might as well get something real that she will enjoy using day by day!

5 Gifts for Mom that will save Her Time:

1. Speedy Shirt Folder

No! She is not meant to do the folding! You get her the speedy shirt folder and even young men in the family will get the hang of how to fold various shirts neat and tidy. This is truly a great invention when you want to save time for Mom and help her out with laundry like Speedy Gonzales himself!

2. Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

We didn’t get to the iPhone yet… With the iRobot she can sit down with a good book while the vacuum cleaner does the job by itself. This vacuum cleaner gets in under furniture without hurting anything in the house. She will enjoy this cool time saver and you might want to get one for yourself as well if you already moved out of the house.

3. Water Ionizer

If you get your Mom a water filter you make sure that she will drink healthy but if you want to take this a step further you should get her a water ionizer that can also heat and chill the water. Now she makes her tea from healthy water in seconds and this will not only save time for Mom, it will also make it easier for her to enjoy that tea break that she debates whether she really has the time for or not. Not to mention that a machine like this makes any woman feel like her kitchen is a place for a Queen!

4. Dryer

If your Mom is still drying her clothes the old fashioned way you can save her heaps of time with a dryer for the clothes. Not to mention that comforters with down and jackets with the same can only be washed at home if there is a dryer. She won’t have to take them to the dry cleaners anymore and a nice new dryer will give her a good feeling, guaranteed!

5. iPhone

Now we get to the iPhone as the 5th suggestion of this lift with gifts for Mom that will save her time. The iPhone if everything in one little phone and if she is still using the old type of cellphone this will change her life. Spoil her with a really nice iPhone and see how she will enjoy getting organized and run everything from her palm.

Easy Rice for a Busy Mom

When you need tasty rice quickly you can use this recipe. It is basically just rice, oil and salt and if you get it right it will make any meal complete. Rice is a bit of an art but if you get the points of this article you will discover the secret to making easy rice fast. A busy Mom will certainly enjoy this knowledge and you can also see how it works out in practice in the video below. Have a try and come back to tell us how it turned out in the comment field!

Ingredients for easy and fast rice:

Rice, you should use about 250 gram for a full pot. You can also use a regular drinking cup and fill one for 2 grownups and then add on as you need it. Basmati rice is the best but any rice will do for this recipe.

Oil, this recipe takes about 4-5 table spoons of oil. Never use olive oil!

Salt, use 1 to 2 table spoons for a full pot of rice, For 2 drinking cups of rice it is enough with 0.5 to 1 table spoon of salt.

Wash the rice

For basmati rice it is ideal to leave it in water for 20 minutes or so. You should change this water every now and then to get rid of the white color and clean the rice. If you are a busy Mom you can also clean the rice under running water as you can see in the beginning of the video below.

Put Oil in the Pot and Add the Rice

Next step is to add the rice and some of the water to a pot with the oil. Start up a low flame and mix this with the salt.

Add Boiling Water

Now you add water that you have preheated and it should stand about a finger top above the rice, or 0.5-1 cm if you will.
Mix the rice well and let it come to a boil before you lower the flame and let it cook with a towel wrapped around the lid for the prescribed time of the rice. Once the rice is done you let it rest a few minutes and then stir it well again to avoid the lumpy texture that so easily happens with rice.

The best way to learn how to cook tasty white rice is to watch someone do it. In this video you will see some very skilled hands swing a pot of amazingly tasty rice together. Copy them and you will have fast and easy rice in as well!

The lovely Irish themed music in this video clip comes from:

Tips for a Busy Mom

Are you a busy Mom? Most Moms are and you know that without some proper planning of your days things just won’t get any less busy. Being a Mom can be so rewarding but a busy Mom must be careful to guard her time and privacy to remain a happy Mother. When you feel overwhelmed by your work load it is time to do some proper structuring and go through the main points of your day and week. Here are some good tips for the busy Mom. Read them and see what you can do to make a change for the better…


Dinner usually falls on the Mother and sometimes this can be arranged differently by having someone else in the household take over the task. Even younger children can be part of a schedule for dinner time. Learn to delegate tasks! A child can clear and set the table or prepare the salad. If you have a partner you might want to leave dinner time to him a few times a week. If you have no choice but to handle it yourself it is wise to plan the cooking so that you always have some easy things ready to pop into the microwave. You can also schedule a few take outs a month and for those days when dinner is too crazy to even look at!


You know that you didn’t put those socks under the couch in the living room and while your joke of hanging bras on the computer screens didn’t make the coin drop there are things that you can do to improve the situation. Again, a schedule is a wonderful way to make other family members participate. Delegate the different tasks that usually fall on your shoulders and make sure to hand out rewards for the job. You can also plan to clean with kids together. When children are younger this will demand some extra patience but stick to the plan. As they grow up it will only feel natural to them to clean up with regular intervals.

Having a Life!

OK, you are a busy Mom but what about a life? What about you? It is all too common for Mothers to forget that they are people with needs. You take care of the kids, the house and everything else and when time comes for bed you are too tired to take care of yourself. For this reason you must realize that Mom time should also be part of the schedule. Use this time for something that you love to do, no cleaning, and no cooking!

By remembering that you are a person you will stay one, even when the kids, house and your partner are driving you up the walls. You will be able to handle all of the challenges calmly and in a sane fashion when you feel that there is something else to life than the never ending cycle of musts!