Kosher Reastaurant in Northern Israel

There are plenty of kosher restaurants in Northern Israel but not everyone is a gem to return to. If you are in the area between Nahariya and Safed you should type Shomra into your GPS or just look out for this yeshuv as you make your way to find something kosher to eat in the … Read more

How to Cook Red Mullet

Red Mullet is a delicacy, but while this fish is a true decilacy it is amazingly easy to learn how to cook red mullet. You will be ready in less than half an hour and then you can serve something that looks as if it came from an exclusive sea food restaurant! Here is how … Read more

Fun Salads for Child on Diet

Everybody knows that a diet demands some creative solutions for how to fill that plate up. It is never easy to just cut down on food that has worked as comfort and left you feeling full and soothed. This is no different for a child on a diet and in order to make the weight … Read more

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