5 Cool Gifts for Chubby Mom

Gifts for a chubby Mom don’t have to remind her of her body and excess weight. A chubby Mom might be bothered by her appearance and if you stress her with gifts that make her feel sad it is not exactly the type of surprise you had in mind for her birthday or for holidays. However, when you know that she is determined to do something about her health you can certainly go for gifts for chubby Mom that are meant to help her get into shape again.

So if your Mom is chubby and you know that she wants to do something about it you can go for something from this list of ideas for gifts for Mom. They are all about her health and ways to lose weight and stay strong so if this is the path she is taking in life you will help her a great deal!

5 Gifts for Mom that is Chubby:

1. Treadmill

A treadmill must come first because of all the gifts for Mom that wants to lose weight this one is so easy to use. Today you can get a professional treadmill and store it in your bedroom. When it is raining outside and she doesn’t want to go out for a jog or a walk, the treadmill will be her best friend!

2. Workout Program

You can also get chubby Mom an intensive workout program to speed up her progress and make her lose that weight while she gains power. There are many cool DVDs for this purpose and in the house she is free to look the way she wants as she tries to copy the routine from the DVD.

3. Pedometer

Let her have a pedometer to get inspired to count her steps. When a person counts her steps she is more likely to walk more and thereby get into shape faster. Just make sure to get a reliable brand that will give Mom a true picture of her progress. If you feel that this is not enough you can add this to one of the other suggested gifts for Mom to make it a bigger present.

4. Equipment for the Workout

Together with the DVD for Mom you should get her some of the equipment that she might need to follow the DVD properly. Make sure to get her some basic stuff like an exercise mat that she can use on the floor in front of her computer or TV.

5. Send her to the Pool!
You can also give Mom a pair of goggles to make her go to the pool for swimming. Swimming is a great form of sport for people that are a bit chubby and need a soft way to get started. It is also great in combination with running or other high power type of sport. Make sure that her eyes stay pretty and free of the chlorine with a pair of her own brand new goggles!

These are just a few ideas for gifts for a chubby Mom. Surely you can think of more ways to make her feel interested in continuing her efforts with sports and healthy nutrition. After all of the sweaty work she will go to take a shower and perhaps wind down a bit in the sauna. Send her a big basket of great products to rejuvenate her skin and soul with!

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