Cheap Toys for the Park

What do we do with an afternoon when the weather is warm and pleasant? We go to the park of course! In the park there are other kids to play with, swings, a sand box, and stuff to climb on and areas to just let loose and yet the kids are looking for more. Here are some cheap toys to bring to the park…

A ball

Both girls and boys enjoy playing with balls. Bring a soccer ball, smaller tennis balls and perhaps some light weight balls to play with. If you need some ideas for cool games with the balls check online for good games for kids with balls and find the one that is age appropriate for your crowd. If you are looking forward to sit on the bench, you can relax; there are other kids in the park to engage in the game…

Street chalk

Street chalk is also an excellent idea for the park when you want to bring an activity that won’t cost you a lot of money and effort. With street chalk the kids can just paint whatever they feel like or draw the lines for fun games. Teach them to write the ABC or do a hang man with older kids.

Jumping rope

Jumping ropes and stretch bands can be used in many ways. Girls are usually pretty good at games with these tools and they don’t cost much. Get the longer type of rope and watch a whole bunch of girls get active to the delight of the Moms that get to take it easy and just read a book or talk to like-minded.

Water gun

If it is a really hot day nothing will beat the fun of water games. Get some cool water guns and let the kids fire away with them. Bring bottles with tap water for refill unless there is a tap in the park. Instruct the kids to play in a certain corner of the park as not to disturb other who might not be interested in these games.

It can also be fun with water balloons. These are amazing little toys that will keep your kids busy like never before. Bring smaller drinking battles with a thinner neck to make it easy to refill in the park.

Bowling set

Another fun game for the park is the bowling set. Get the plastic kind that is easy to bring along and not dangerous for little kids to play with. This is also a game that can have many different kids engaged at the same time but you need a flat surface for it which should not be right next to a road.

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