Fast Potty Training

Who doesn’t want to get rid of the diapers fast? With fast potty training you will also soon be rid of diaper rash and the big costs of disposable diapers. If you can potty train fast depends on your patience, willingness to clean up mishaps and most of all if your child is ready or not.

If your child is showing signs of being ready to potty train you could opt for the fast track. Even if the child only displays a few of the “ready for potty training” signs it could speed things up if you just get it started.

First of all, taking of a diaper is a great thing to do if you want to make your child aware of what’s going on. If you are afraid of messes you might consider using cloth diapers for the potty training period. When the child feels that he is wet he will understand faster that this is happening and he will also be much more interested in handling it in a more pleasant way.

If the weather is warm the fast way to potty train is to remove diapers and accept mishaps. Dress your child in underwear and be prepared to throw them out. Place a potty in a place of easy access and encourage your child to use it by giving stickers or small surprises when he does.

If you want really fast potty training you need to train also at night. Put protective sheets in the bed and let the child understand and feel what it is like to get wet when doing number 2 while sleeping.

Fast potty training means that you have to put more effort into the cleaning and also that you have to be very patient and never upset with the progress. If this sounds like too much you might just have to pay the price of expensive diapers and changing them for another few months till the child will tell you that he has had enough and wants to potty train fast!

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