Get the Kids off the Computer with Educational Toys!

You keep telling yourself that you will limit the time they spend in front of the computer or TV but face it, when there is no time there is no time. You don’t have the help of another 20 families with kids that all play down in the backyard by a road without any strangers or cars. This means that your kids are propped up in your house expecting you to activate them. No wonder that so many parents simply turn to the computer or video for entertainment so that things can get done around the house!

Educational Toys

If you berate yourself for letting the kids watch too many movies you should probably ease up a bit. Don’t expect to cut it in one shot but make a plan that will let you get into new habits. You can still use the computer and a movie every now and then when you really lack for better alternatives to get some quiet around the house. To get the kids to play like kids have done in all times you need to think about educational toys.

Educational toys are the type of gadgets that stimulate your kid’s fantasy and creativity. Back in time they were simply the things that children found outside on the road or in the woods. Now that you can’t let your kids out like that you will have to substitute the gadgets of nature for gadgets manmade. This is certainly possible and you will be amazed at how many wonderful smart toys are out there for your kids to grow and find their creativity.

Building Blocks

If you have browsed around Expertmom you know that I am a huge fan of building blocks. Get them in wood or make them yourself from cartoons, kids love them and there is so much they can create from simple shapes. If they seem to be out of ideas then give them a little push and suggest that they build a parking lot or garage for the trucks. From here you will watch an amazing world grow in your living room, kitchen and their room. Don’t get mad about the mess! This is a great way for kids to play in a smart way that will challenge their thinking so let them explore and play and tidy up afterwards.

Board Games

Kids that are a little bit older can enjoy board games but you might have to sit down with them so this is something that could come in handy when you have an older sibling or baby sitter at hand. There are a lot of cool board games like the Qwirkle Board Game that fits the entire family. You can also send your kids off to a chess course which will ensure quiet in the house and challenged minds!

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