Gift Ideas for a 6 Year old Girl

6 year old girls can enjoy many different types of gifts and while it might feel daunting to find the right one you will also get inspired while looking. Today there are so many lovely toys and items for a 6 year old girl that it is easy to find something that she will like. This article will help you with some tips for gifts for a 6 year old girl. Save yourself the time and energy by doing the research online. You don’t even have to venture out to a real toy store to get the gift since most of the brands that you trust will sell you the toys and things online with safe shipping to go.

The Coolest Gift Ideas for a 6 Year old Girl:

Play School

A 6 year old girl is highly aware of school coming up and she might even start to dress and act like the older girls that she see in the park and on your street. Humor her desire to be a big girl and get her stuff that lets her play school. An easel will be the perfect tool for creative work and games where she is the teacher for her dollies or friends. Make sure that she has crayons or pens to go with it and leave her alone to live out her school fantasies by her own imaginary white board!

Get a Leap Frog

A Leap Frog Learning Tablet is designed to challenge and stimulate children between ages 2 and 9. A 6 year old girl will definitely be able to get a lot out of this educational toy. Parents who got it have also noticed that it stimulates kids in school to do better in areas like math. The LeapPad has a camera and recorder built in and lets the child read ebooks in a cinematic way. The screen is big and comfortable and the tablet is easy to understand how to use.

For the Sporty Girl

A sporty girl might enjoy a basketball set to play with indoors or outdoors. There are many different styles of basketball sets but if you are looking for something that can be used without having to install the basketball net on a wall a full free standing set is recommended. She will surely enjoy that the gift is so big so make sure to wrap it to spike her curiosity!


Jewelry is a great gift for a 6 year old girl and you can read more suggestions in this area here: Jewelry gifts for 6 year old girls. Why not get her a cool cat pendant? If she doesn’t like cats you can always look into more classic designs like hearts. If she has pierced ears she might also enjoy some fancy stud earrings to feel, and look like a princess in.

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