How can I keep my child’s feet dry without rubber boots?

Rubber boots are great to have during and after rainy weather. There is hardly one kid that doesn’t enjoy jumping in the puddles or stomping water off the slide. So what should you do if you don’t have fitting boots for your child? When the weather is cold it could be a very bad idea to let the child’s feet become wet and cold.

Sitting inside is also not the best idea since your kid or kids might climb the walls and drive you insane while doing so. In such a situation you need to think creatively and do what you can to keep your child’s feet dry without rubber boots.
You can take sandwich bags and put your child’s feet into these before dressing him or her in their regular shoes. It sounds a bit crazy but if the sandwich bag only comes up to the ankle it will work. Another similar idea is to dress the feet in latex gloves before dressing them in the regular shoes.

These two techniques do work when you need to keep your child’s feet dry without rubber boots but only if they go in puddles moderately. You should also note that plastic bags on the feet in the shoe only works when the shoe come up a bit on the ankle and you have some kind of rain pants that stretch over the shoe.

Even with this kind of shoe and rain paint you will most likely see soaked feet if your child goes into a big puddle and decides to take a bath in it. Even regular rubber boats might let in water in such a situation. For regular-park-play or easy running and walking the plastic bag or latex gloves could very well solve your problem.

Your child’s feet will stay dry without the rubber boots but you will need to dry the actual shoes after wards. But this might be worth the effort when your child gets to burn off the energies outside and not on the walls of your home!

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