How Does Gripe Water Provide Colic Relief?

Gripe water is known by most parents as a remedy to use when the baby is crying from gas. Most babies go through a few months of fussy tummy and even if it passes rather fast it can be aggravating to have to listen to the constant crying. Parents that want to make their baby feel better and get some cool and calm in the house opt for gripe water but how does gripe water provide colic relief?

Gripe Water Ingredients
Gripe water is made of different types of herbs like fennel, chamomile and dill. These are ingredients that are known to have a soothing effect on the digestive system. Most of the commonly used ingredients for gripe water have been known for their colic relief effects for thousands of years. Therefore you can see gripe water as a safe and natural remedy for your baby.

Colic Relief for All Ages!
Gripe water is not only a great remedy for fussy baby tummies. Grown-ups can also use the drops to calm an upset stomach. The herbs are very effective in calming problems with gas or reflux no matter what your age is. If all of that crying is giving you an upset tummy, don’t forget to administer some drops for yourself as well.

A Cup of Tea
Think about it, you have probably enjoyed a cup of herbal tea at times when you needed to relax. Just like a cup of chamomile tea makes you feel better, the same ingredient in gripe water gives colic relief to your baby. The herbs that are used for effective teas are just as effective in gripe water. It is really that simple!

Safe Test
If gripe water will help you baby or not, can be hard to tell. In regular fussy baby tummies it should do the trick but don’t expect open miracles overnight. You should see a slow change in the amount of fuss and crying and that can certainly be enough for a tired parent to get some much needed relief! You will soon move from the question of how does gripe water provide colic relief to when will the gripe water provide colic relief?

Just continue giving the gripe water and try to apply other remedies for gas as well. Hopefully you will get through this difficult period in an easier manner by applying the right techniques and methods. Gripe water is a safe one so you’d be a fool not to try it!

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