How to Avoid a Diaper Rash

A diaper rash is no pretty site and if you don’t treat it your child can come to suffer a great deal from it. If your baby already developed a diaper rash there are plenty of things you can do to soothe it and make it disappear. The best thing to do is to learn how to avoid a diaper rash to start with.

Change the Diaper Frequently

The very best formula for how to avoid a diaper rash is to let your child be without a diaper. This is not always possible. When the weather is chilly and you have to send your baby to a care taker it is easier to let the diaper stay on. What you can do is to change it often and also let your care taker know to do the same.

Wash the Bottoms with Soap and Water

Ideally you should try to wash your baby’s bottoms frequently with soap and water. If you can do this at each diaper change it will be wonderful and you will also save on the wet baby wipes. The baby’s skin will benefit a lot from soap and water baths and it could be all that it takes to avoid diaper rash.

Number 2 must go off Bottoms Fast!

It is even more crucial to get rid of stools stuck to the diaper and baby bottoms fast. If you can be swift with diaper changes for number 2 it will be a great method for how to avoid a diaper rash. You should also talk to your care taker about this and get her to cooperate with your method.

Preventive Cream

If you know the methods for how to avoid a diaper rash, described above, won’t be easy to apply you should put preventive cream with lanoline on your baby’s bottom after each diaper change. Do this even if there is no rash. This will work as a barrier between stools and urine and the bottoms. Make sure to get an effective cream which is also mild and pleasant to use.

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