How to Choose Dog – A List for Making your Decision

Dogs are popular all over the world for their loyalty and playfulness. A dog can transform a home to a happy and healthy one. How to choose dog is not the easiest thing to figure out. There are many things to consider. Before you choose dog you should sit down and discuss the issue with the people who will be affected by the presence of the new family member. Even if you live alone your dog might need some babysitting now and then so make sure to talk about it with the people that could be your candidates for this job.

To help you how to choose dog has put together a list. Go through this list. Discuss with your family or potential dog sitter how the points on the list affect you and your life. This should help you to choose dog with the kind of smarts that will lead to a dog which will fit you and your family just right!

1. Is anyone allergic? If there are people in the house with allergies it is possible that they might also be allergic to dogs. It isn’t hard to test this but make sure to do so before you move on and decide how to choose dog.

2. Big, small, brown, long hair, short hair… the list goes on. Discuss what type of dog you envision so that you can narrow down the type of dog that you are actually looking for.

3. Borrow a dog. You can help the process of how to choose dog by borrowing one from a friend or neighbor. See how it works in reality.

4. Temperament of the dog will also influence your choice. To decide on this you need to be aware of your life style. Do you travel a lot, do sports, do you often go for walks? You will want a dog that likes to do what you like to do.

5. Who is going to care for the dog? A dog can be a lot of work. You need to walk it, groom it and care for it when it get sick. Ask yourself if you have time for this and look into the types of dogs that demand less maintenance if you are short for time. For an example, a short hair dog will not need vigorous combing like a long haired one.

6. When you are trying to figure out how to choose dog you should also watch movies online where people demonstrate their dogs and talk about why they love them. This should give you an idea of what you are looking for in a dog which will help your search immensely.

Happy dog hunting!

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