How to Make a Birthday Party for Toddlers

A birthday party for a toddler can really be quite easy to arrange. You just need a few different activities and food that works well for toddlers and you are set. Also, don’t forget that these types of parties demand a gift for the toddler and his friends. All kids love to walk home from a party with a gift bag so this one will become one of your main points when planning the fest. Here are some tips for how to make a birthday party for toddlers and unforgettable one!


The first thing to think about is the food. Let the kids eat once they arrive. You can either arrange a snack table at their own height or actually have them sit around a bigger table. Having big bowls of chips, cookies, and other sweets is smart. Give them little cups and help them serve themselves in these. For drinks it is enough to have some soft drinks. Some toddler will drink freely from a regular cup but others still like the sippy cup so make sure to have a few of those for your guests! You can also make a birthday cake with a nice decoration but don’t expect toddlers to pay too much attention to this.

Story or Song

After the food you can let the kids play a bit with the gifts for your child. Make sure to have space on a floor and put out the cars, dolls and blocks in stations so that they can gather around their favorites. When the toddlers have played freely a bit you can gather them for a short story or song. If you know how to play the guitar this is a great idea. Little kids love to sit in a ring and hear song and story with an instrument. Make sure that the story and song are age appropriate. You can check what they sing in their playschool and copy this for recognition.

Cool Activity

If you want to make more activities for the kids without having to engage too much yourself you can advance the theme of play stations in your house or yard. A hot summer day makes it possible to let them play with water with different sorts of water toys. You can also use a plastic pool for kids, year around, and fill it will balls to make them a ball bath.

Gifts for the Toddlers

When the party is coming to an end, time has come to bring out the toddler party gifts. Make little bags with candy and some small gift. In thrift stores you can find very cheap toys like cars and crayons. These are excellent for the gifts for the kids. It might be wise to hand them the gift as they leave the party since they will enjoy it on the way home or later on which will be appreciated by their parents!

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