How to Move From Potty to Toilet When the Child Refuses

Moving from potty to toilet can be a daunting task for a child. Some children simply find it frightening to sit on the toilet. They fear falling in or tighten up when they lose the sense of balance that they have in a diaper or on the potty. So what should you do to make your child move from potty to toilet? There is plenty of advice online and in books for this and here is a great advice that Expertmom shares with you for free!

Children are Curious

You have probably tried to make your child move out of diapers or go from potty to toilet seat by promising special gifts. This is usually a method that does the trick but some kids are stubborn. If they have decided that they won’t go on the potty or toilet no gift will help! If you are in this situation you need to switch method but keep that special gift.

Children are curious and if you tell your child that there is a gift waiting after a successful nr 2 on the toilet this will start a new thought process in his head. You don’t even have to show the gift. Just point out where you have put it, out of reach, and let him know it will be his or her as soon as the move from potty to toilet is completed.


This is a great advice that can do the trick for you but stay patient! It might even take a few weeks before the move from potty to toilet is completed. Mention the secret gift once a day, and try not to nudge about it. Keep positive and calm and soon you will see that your child must get that gift by going on the toilet!

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