Review of Clics

Clics are little plastic building blocks that are loved by kids all over the world. You have most likely seen them in playschool or at a friend’s house. Here is a Clics review with the pros and cons of this toy. Like with any other toy there are things to think about regarding safety and what type of Clics to get so check this fact sheet out before you buy!


When it comes to small toys like Clics, it is very important to make sure that they won’t end up in the mouth of any child. You will see a note of warning on the package that this toy is not meant for children less than 3 years and this is the reason. The individual clics are not tiny but there can be smaller parts included like tires for building rolling vehicles with. You know your children the best and can assess if they are ready for this type of building toy.

Creativity and Education

Clics are certainly within the category of educational toys and pre-school teachers love them just as much as parents and kids. The building toy will both stimulate creativity and the motoric skills of the child. They are not difficult to click together but they do demand some concentration and imagination from the child. The good thing is that you don’t have to give many instructions to get the game started. Most kids understand very well how to click the pieces together to form whatever they have in mind.


This review is based on a package of the original Clics from Belgium. There are many copies on the market and it is important that you get the original kind if you want to enjoy the durability and high quality. Unlike the off brands, the original Clics don’t bend or break easily which is good when you have 3 and 4-year-olds trying to mend them into different shapes. The plastic is also easy to clean by simply putting them in a soapy bath. On the downside you should be aware of the mess a smaller package of Clics can create. Part of playing with Clics must be to tidy up after the game or you will go nuts from little Clics pieces spread all over the house!

What Buyers of Clics Say

“…my son pleaded for the larger bucket which I finally bought…and I have no regrets…” Amanda Rittle, NJ

“My kids begged me to get Clics for a year before I did. Now I enjoy hours of quiet thanks to these little plastic thingies!” Linda McGinley, Missouri

“…a toy for both my 3 years old and my 7-year-old. They sit together and enjoy Clics from their own level of understanding.” Bennie Nelsen, Utah


A smart toy that lasts
Kids love Clics
Kids can play together with this toy


Can make a mess!

Make sure to get the right size. Larger boxes are recommended since kids usually end up building a lot with them and they will need many pieces for their creations.

Watch this video review of Clics to get a better idea of how they work.

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