The Baby Björn Baby Carrier

Baby Björn is a Swedish company that is known especially for their baby wearing products. Their baby carriers and slings are well known in Sweden for many decades. The mommies of today remember how they themselves were carried in a Baby Björn!

There are different types of the Baby Björn carrier. The original structure of this baby carrier is always the same. You have a part in the front that connects to the straps in the back. This makes the Baby Björn carrier so easy to handle. You can put the baby in and out of the carrier fast and easy.

It is obvious that the strength of the Baby Björn products is their high quality. Baby Björn carriers have been around for so long that they have been tested enough for consumers to know that this is a good brand for baby carriers. You can trust the materials and the straps to hold the baby that they have been designed for. In fact, when you get a Baby Björn carrier you will probably use it for more than one baby and maybe even pass it on to someone else once it is no longer needed in your house.

The things that are not so convenient about the Baby Björn carrier are mostly related to how you will prefer to carry your child. One thing is that you cannot breast feed while wearing the baby in the Baby Björn carrier. You are also restricted to two positions, that of baby facing forward or facing you.

Some women also experience problems with back pains when using the Baby Björn carrier a lot. The pressure is always on one part of your back so you don’t get a chance to rest it. Even if Baby Björn have developed new baby carriers like the Baby Björn Active carrier which is supposed to be for people who carry a lot they still have not created a carrier which is really good for the back.

It is still recommended to use the Baby Björn carrier since it is of very high quality and safe. Many men also specifically like this type of baby carrier which is a very good thing for women who would like to share the baby wearing with their somewhat reluctant men!

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