The Coupon Mom that lives in a Mess…

If you have become a coupon Mom without even making much use of all of those offers chances are that you are overwhelmed by now. The idea of saving money on groceries with coupons is drowning somewhere between the hallway and kitchen counter. Your house is starting to look like the main hub of a hoarder and not like the palace of a smart coupon Mom.

This is how you solve the coupon mess…

If you have the time go through the coupons that you have collected and save the ones that you think that you can use according to date. If you don’t have the energy or time you can simply toss all of the coupons out and start over. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of new coupons since stores see them as a great way to drive customers to the store.

Make yourself a folder where you arrange a system for your upcoming shopping. The coupons that would be suitable for next week goes into that folder and if you don’t use them you can move them up to next week or toss them out.

You can also have a place in the folder for the coupons that are for the products you use and always want. These coupons might be for stores you don’t normally go to but when you do you will always have your coupon in the right place to find it when you need it.

You might want to store your coupon folder in the car except for when you sort it. This will make it easier to use it when you are truly going to a store to shop.

If you can’t be a coupon Mom without getting into a giant mess you might want to ask for help from a family member with a good sense of order…

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