The Gifts that 4 Year Old Boys want

If you are wondering what 4 year old boys would like as a gift you only have to ask them. At this age they have plenty of ideas for cool gifts. Don’t be surprised if they will mix big things like a bike with fantasy objects like flying robots. When you are looking for gifts for a 4 year old boy you shouldn’t miss the chance to get his own take on it. It will be a blast and if you record the conversation he will be able to laugh at it at a later point.

Things to ride on

It is never wrong to give a 4 year old boy a toy ride. He might have a bike but even so he will find a new scooter or some cool pedal ride to be the rave. You can browse toy stores online to see the most amazing toy rides for kids. He can get a pedal toy car which is shaped like his favorite figures from the movies. This is something that he will never forget and enjoy immensely!

More Building Blocks

Another thing that 4 year old boys can’t get enough of is building blocks. Today you can get some really cool toys with special functions like the Clics. These toys will challenge his imagination and let him create and that is something that you will enjoy watching. You can also introduce smaller building blocks like the Lego styled blocks at this age. He is big enough to understand what to do with them and he will see the benefit of being able to construct more advanced buildings and items.


It should also be mentioned that 4 year old boys enjoy books. You will have to read them for him but this is very important and not something you want to miss out on. Get real stories but with vivid and cool images, you might even want to get a bigger science book with pictures of airplanes, fireman and other things that captivate the imagination of a 4 year old boy.

These are some ideas of the things that 4 year old boys will pick if you ask them. If you want to hear a real 4 year old boy talk about his ideas for gifts you can watch this video clip with a recording of a boy sharing his wishes. Enjoy the clip and go get him the best present you can think of to surprise him with!

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