The Ingredients of Gripe Water

Gripe water can be made of many different types of ingredients. These are natural plants and spices that are known for their soothing qualities. When you have a baby you realize that many of the natural remedies for upset stomach that you use is also what goes into the gripe water. In many cases it could very well be enough to give your baby some chamomile tea but it is easier to just get a readymade all natural gripe water.

Here are some of the ingredients that you will see listed on the gripe water bottle:

Anise – anise is known all over the world to help the digestion and reduce gas.
Angelica – angelica can be an ingredient of gripe water to help with the soothing part. Call it a natural pain killer if you want!
Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) – baking soda can be used to remove fungus, baby thrush, on the tongue and it also decreases stomach acidity.
Caraway – caraway is another natural substance that can speed the digestion up and also help out with flatulence.
Cardamom – cardamom is a staple spice in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. It has the same properties as Caraway and aids the digestion.
Catnip – catnip might make your cat dance on his hind legs but your baby will be cool and calm when getting gripe water with this ingredient.
Chamomile – chamomile is an ingredient of gripe water which is very popular. It calms and settles the stomach.
Cinnamon – this ingredient of gripe water also helps out with digestion and if your baby is vomiting it could give some relief also in this area.
Dill – dill can also settle an upset stomach and it has the ability to increase appetite. It also removes flatulence.
Fennel – gripe water with fennel will soothe the upset stomach, take care of gas and also treat hiccups.
Ginger – ginger is put in gripe water to take care of certain digestive problems like nausea and indigestion.

These are just a few of the natural ingredients of gripe water. Every manufacturer makes gripe water with their little secrets to come up with the most powerful remedy. To get the best natural gripe water you should try a brand with natural ingredients and a good reputation.

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