Why co-sleep with your kids

Today most moms are aware of the concept of co-sleeping. Not that sleeping with your kids is something new. It is just that today it has become hype and we are supposed to be for or against it. The truth is that all parents co-sleep to some extent. Kids and parents love to snuggle together. This is natural and good.

Co-sleeping from an early age
The reason that many moms choose to co-sleep right from start is that it makes many things a lot easier. When the baby is right next to you, and you are breastfeeding, you will not have to get out of bed for the feedings. In the beginning you might have to sit up with the baby to get the positioning of the breast right but after a while you should be able to breastfeed while lying down. It is simply so amazingly comfortable to slumber while breastfeeding and you will feel a lot more rested once it is time to get up.

Co-sleeping makes secure kids
When the baby has you right there from start there is no need to teach him how to sleep. Sleep comes naturally when we feel safe and this eliminates a lot of crying and insecurity from the baby. When you co-sleep with your babies you don’t need to use any cry-it-out methods because there won’t be any crying. How is that for a good solution for how to put baby to sleep!

Co-sleeping makes the baby go to his own bed faster
It might sound as a contradiction but what happens with many babies that co-sleep is that they are ready for their own beds much faster. In families that don’t co-sleep it is very common to have older kids come to the parents bed for security. A baby that co-sleeps from the start has already filled up on this security and becomes more independent. The co-sleeping pays off since you will have your own bed for yourself for real within a few years.

Trust and connection
Co-sleeping creates a special bond between the child and the parent which is unique and something everyone should allow themselves to experience. Childhood passes by so fast and soon enough the kids are out of the house in their own beds! Co-sleeping makes the most of those precious years so catch the moment and co-sleep!

There are, of course, safety issues that one must understand when it comes to co-sleeping. Read more about safe co-sleeping here at Expert Mom!

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