10 Gifts for a 6 Year Old Girl

Are you ready for the ultimate list of gifts for a 6 year old girl?! Ok, it is true that each 6 year old girl is an individual with her own taste and preferences, but there are also things that can make the heart of any little girl sing. If you are a big girl your heart will most likely sing from the very same gifts. This is why it is so much fun to get gifts for a 6 year old girl. You will simply enjoy thinking about how happy she will be once the discovers what is under all of the glossy paper and ribbons!

Let’s get straight to the ideas. Here are 10 gifts for a 6 year old girl:

1. Perfume

What? Should little girls wear perfume? Well, little boys also enjoy getting a spray of your finest so of course she will! You don’t have to buy her a $100 bottle of French potions, try something which is really made for this age group. The bottles of perfume for kids can be shaped like her favorite characters from the movies and the scents are perfectly suitable for a girl this age. It is a fun gift that will make her feel like a big girl!

2. Earrings

Little girls love jewelry and if she has pierced ears you can certainly upgrade her collection with a new pair. If she does not have pierced ears you can get her clip ons that look like the real deal. She will enjoy this and if you get her a set of many different pairs she can choose color and style according to her mood.

3. Easel

Bring out the artist in her or let her play school and be the teacher. An easel is a lot of fun for a 6 year old girl. Make sure that she has the pens to go with it and let her fanatsy roam free with the tools. This might be the coolest thing she ever got!

4. Book

Something that most 6 year olds think about is school and reading. Some girls already know how to read at this age and she might be interested in specific books. Find out if she has a favorite book in playschool that she would like to have at home as well. With a book you can’t go wrong and it is a good idea to look into classics.

5. Shoes

Shoes are loved by women all ages and she most likely enjoys her finer pairs for weekend dinners and special occasions. Spoil her to a new pair of fine shoes according to her taste. There are so many cute models of shoes for girls and you can easily match them right for her site.

6. MP3 or Gadget

Today little kids are used to computers, cell phones and various gadgets. She will most likely not know what a Walkman is but if you present her with a MP3 or an MP4 she will love it. Load it with Justin Bieber or whatever it is that she is listening to and let her enjoy feeling like a big girl with her own portable music.

7. Camera

You can also present her with a camera for kids. This will be a unique gift and it can spark her interest for the art of photography. Cameras for kids are made to handle the tear and wear of little fingers and they are also designed to look fun and interesting for a child.

8. Watch

Does she know how to tell the time by now? If not it can easily be learned when she has her own watch. Get her something with her favorite characters from the movies on or something pretty and elegant. She will enjoy the feeling of a real watch on her wrist and you can choose between different formats like the standard round version or a square digital type.

9. Trampoline

In all honesty, a trampoline is for the entire family but it is a great gift idea for a 6 year old girl. If you have the space for a big one this is an awesome gift that will also stimulate some very healthy activity after school and during the weekends.

10. Costume

Something which most 6 year olds are interested in is dressing up in costumes. Get her something to play with and start a collection of cool clothes to play with alone and with friends. You know what she loves the most and if it is a princess theme you can find the most amazing costumes for her to dance around in at home.

Hopefully this list helped you out with some cool gift ideas. Remember that it is better to get something small that she will really use and enjoy rather than a big thing that she can’t comprehend. Great gifts are not about spending a lot but rather about finding the stuff that can truly make a difference and gladden her heart.

Good luck!

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