6 really cool gift ideas for a 13 year old boy for 2019

13 is a very special number. Historically it is a number that symbolizes coming of age and becoming a man. This is the start of the transformation from childhood to adulthood. In our days, a 13 year old boy is very much a boy and will continue to be so for many years to come. But, as you know, he knows a lot more about the world, about the things he likes and about the sort of gifts he would like to see for his birthday. If you are looking for really cool gifts for a 13 year old boy, search no longer! Here are 6 wonderful gift ideas for a 13 year old boy. They should lead you to the best gift ever.
  1. Sports equipment
If he is into sports, there is so much to give him. The boy that practices some sort of martial art will enjoy a boxing bag. There are kid versions, but you might want to opt for a real one if he is serious about the sport. Pick a boxing bag with great reviews for long term use. A trampoline is another amazing sporty gift for a 13 year old boy. The Zupapa trampoline is very popular, and it has plenty of room for siblings and friends who will want to enjoy the gift with the birthday boy.
  1. Creative equipment
Make him busy with something creative. With a good Polaroid camera, he can make instant pictures. You remember the days when it was obvious that a photo would have to be developed and printed on paper. To him, this is a novelty! He might also enjoy a video camera that he can use to make cool clips for his Youtube channel. This kind of equipment is not expensive and also not difficult to use. It will keep him active and let him expand his mind with new exciting ideas.  
  1. Floating forward
He might have mentioned it. Electric scooter is just as cool as the hoverboard. Well, maybe not as cool as the Lamborghini hoverboard that people are raving over. That’s the kind of gift for a 13 year old that is sure to bring down the house! Whether he lives close to water, has a pool or enjoys going fishing with you, a dinghy boat is an amazing 13 year old gift. It is the kind of thing most 13 year old boys can fashion themselves controlling. A drone! They are not going out of fashion! Go for a Quadcopter. He will love it. Here you can see some of the amazing abilities of Quadcopters:
  1. LEGO
LEGO gets its own point on this list with cool gifts for a 13 year old boy. He probably enjoys Ninjago and will appreciate a new exciting set. You can also get a bigger set like the Old fishing store LEGO set. If he is a fan of Star Wars, you could choose a collector’s item for him to build and save for the future.  
  1. Virtual reality
Get him a really good virtual reality headset that can take him to a different dimension. There are sets made specifically for Android and iPhone. They can be used for VR games on his phone. If you want a complete virtual reality experience for him, you can opt for the PlayStation VR that has gotten wonderful reviews.
  1. Games
Games are a fact of life for the 13 year old boy. Get him a Nintendo Switch if he doesn’t already have one. Go for something unusual like an arcade machine. With seats for him and a friend, his room becomes an entertainment center. He won’t believe his eyes when he unpacks this one. It is a one of a kind birthday gift for 13 year old boys!

Bonus gift for 13 year old boy

As a last bonus tip, a telescope! Yes, a telescope is indeed an exciting gift for a 13 year old boy. Get him a high quality telescope for entry level. It will blow his mind and most likely make him want to know more about stars and space.

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