A Blogger Mom

A blogger Mom has a lot of fun and creates an album online which can be to the joy of her family for generations to come. Blogging is for Moms that like to express themselves. You don’t have to be a writer to be a blogger Mom. The blog is like your online diary where you are free to express your life and thoughts. If you want to, you can let people read and comment on your blog. This can make the blogging even more meaningful and stimulating. If you are really good at it, you could even make some extra cash by blogging.

Diary Online

Your blog online can be like a diary where you easily insert your pictures and stories. Now a days most Moms use digital cameras so it is really quite simple to have them inserted to your blog and make sure that they won’t be forgotten on some memory card stuffed away to oblivion. A blogging Mom keeps a journal which is fun for anyone that knows the family to read and follow. This is especially cool when you have family and friends that live far away or if you go away for a vacation and want to show everyone what you’re up to.

Privacy and Personal Stuff

A blog cannot get too personal and the reason for this is that you will share it with others. If you intent to blog about the very private family matters you should limit the readers to those that you invite so that you won’t risk too personal information to circle around where it doesn’t belong. It is also smart to decide just what will be OK to blog about. Do this, before you start your blog, and follow the guidelines you’ve set up for yourself. This will limit problems with private stories that should really have stayed private.

Reading other Blogs

One of the best parts of being a Mom with a blog is that it introduces you to other Mom bloggers. They might come to yours and comment or you might simply find theirs through blog feeds and forums. Make bookmarks of the best Mom blogs and give them a visit every now and then. If you allow comments on your blog you know just how much it can mean to get real ones so give them you too! If you read a nice blog post let the Mom who wrote it know by telling your thoughts in the comments. Write more than “nice blog” since this will be filtered away as spam.

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