Are you a Mad Mom?

Are you a mad Mom? If you feel that you are going mad by too many stimuli and nowhere to let off some steam you are part of a growing club of Moms that try to be everything. In a fast paced world you are supposed to handle a career, a relationship, the house and the kids. While the points of responsibility have different order in different households they are certainly enough to make anyone a mad Mom. Here are some ideas for how you can become happy and relaxed again…

Work Vs. Free Time

Something that can really stress a Mom is when work overlaps the time you spend with your family and kids. Thework brain is not compatible with the Mommie brain and you feel a serious “syntax error” developing every afternoon around 4 PM. For Moms that work at home this can really get serious and it is very important to make things clear before they go out of hand. When you work you need to work so try to keep your children out of your office. Bringing a sick child to work to manage everything is a bad idea! Your boss might agree but consider how this will stress you out.


OK, so you are having a rough day and things are stressful to put it mildly. As your adrenaline is pumping to get everything done you feel that you are turning into a mad Mom by another accident on the kitchen floor as your older child is throwing a temper tantrum. In this situation you can just join the circus and raise your voice or take a deep breath and get into the proportions.

They are children and you can’t expect them to behave like anything else. If the screaming and the nr 2 on the floor are getting to your nerves, dash off to the bathroom and let off some steam there. Collect yourself, go back to the kitchen and take care of the tasks, one by one without getting emotional about it.

Get Help

We all need help sometimes and if you feel that you are becoming madder and madder it is smart to air this out by speaking to someone you trust. The best is to get advice from someone who is not part of your immediate family and not subjected to your reactions to the pressure. Before you rush off to a shrink you might want to consider getting some help hands-on. It could simply be that you are trying to be too much of everything. Get babysitting, cleaning help and learn how to delegate tasks. This could be the solution to your anger and frustration!

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