A Safe Kitchen for the Kids

Is your kitchen a safe place for the kids to be? The truth is that kids have to get used to the rules in a kitchen, and a house for that matter. You can’t drape rubber and cotton on every corner but there are a few things that you can and should do make your kitchen safe for children. Here are some important points to think about when you are in the kitchen with your kids. Check them and see if your habits can be upgraded or if you deserve a medal for the safest kitchen ever!

Fire and Hot Liquids

When you are cooking in the kitchen you need to be in the kitchen. Does this sound stupid to you, well then you probably stick to the pots till the meal is ready. If you dash out of the kitchen for quick errands you might compromise on the kitchen safety rules. A child can quickly go and check that pot with a curious hand. Never leave your cooking in dangerous stages when kids are around the kitchen!


They are stacking up, I know! Can your children reach them? A glass cup is a danger if it tips at the end of your kitchen counter where a child can tip it over. This is especially something to think about during the summer when your children are running around the house without shoes and socks. Sometimes the dishes have to wait but let them do so far from the edge of the counter where they might create a dangerous situation.

Lower Cabinets

Kids love to play with your tools in the kitchen and depending on what they get their hands on things can get out of hand. A smart tips for saving the situation and feeding their curiosity is to stuff the lower cabinets with things that they can use and touch. For the cabinet with the chemical cleaning stuff you can get a baby lock. There are very simple plastic versions that you glue on. Once your child is busy playing with the pots that are OK, he won’t even think of trying to break into the lethal storage.


Knives and kids do not belong together, especially not if you have many kids that sit and eat together. A little air born game with a knife can end a disaster so let them stick to forks and spoons till they are big enough to understand table manners.

It is very wise to use a magnetic knife rack for storage of larger and sharp knives. Place one or two in your kitchen in a place where it won’t invite your kids to come and play. Some magnetic knife racks can be placed on the inside of a kitchen cabinet. Be creative and think safe! Magnetic knife racks are also excellent tools for a tidy and organized look in your kitchen.

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