Is your House Really Baby Proofed?

When you have babies and toddlers in your house you must make sure that it is secure and baby proofed. There is only so much you can do and the most important is that you watch the kids and teach them how to behave in a world which is far from baby proofed. Still, there are some basic things that you should look over in your house and here is a list of things that must be secured for small kids no matter how careful and educational your approach is. Read and check if your house really is baby proofed. If you can cross them all off that is great if something is missing, fix it now!

Small things

You probably don’t buy toys with small parts for your babies but if you have older children in the house this area becomes shady. Lego blocks are great from age 4 and on but younger kids might feel tempted to put them in the mouth! Make sure to have a proper storage for the Lego and teach your older kids to put them back after a game. If they are all over the floor the house is not proofed for babies!

If you have candy holders for small candles you should make sure that they will never reach the hands of your children. Not only are they dangerous if someone put them in the mouth; their sharp ends also become like pieces of glass on the floor if left for the kids to step on.

Fridge Magnets

Not all fridge magnets are secure for children. In many the magnet comes off easily and it is usually small and easy to mistake for a candy. Swallowed magnets present a danger to life! If you are using fridge magnets make sure that they are big and that they are placed high up. Remember that older kids can reach high up and make the magnets available to anyone in the house hold.

Sharp Edges

Sharp edges of furniture are a fact and you can’t place foam on all of your furniture. If there are hours when you know that the kids are playing around your coffee table you can simply place a comforter over it. Coffee tables are dangerous for babies that are just learning to stand up and walk so have them covered with something soft for these occasions.

Strings from Clothing

Strings in pants and clothing can be very dangerous and many times it is better to just remove them before use. If you must use the string to keep the clothing on you should tie it well so that your curious child won’t be able to make it into t new toy.

Kitchen Knives

This is something we all know about and yet little children get to the knives, how is it possible? This is how it happens: You’ve got a lot to do and while you are using a knife you need to run to help a child in the bathroom meanwhile the toddler spots the shiny knife you left on the counter…

To fix this problem you should simply get a magnetic knife rack. This will make your kitchen safer and also make it nicer with all the knives stored properly.

Enjoy your safe house with your happy kids!

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