A toddler still in a diaper

Is your toddler still in a diaper and you are starting to panic about it? Read this article and take action!

If your toddler is still in a diaper despite being way past his 3 year old birthday you might start to feel a bit worried. The child is probably very verbal and otherwise normal and when you ask him to use the potty he refuses. Potty training seems to have gotten completely wrong somewhere because the toddler refuses to use the potty.

“I don’t like the potty, I only want the diaper. The diaper is good for me.”

Comments like these can be very frustrating to hear. Your toddler has obviously made up his mind and this at an age where stubbornness is a tell sign.

You should try to relax and take a step back. Your toddler is normal. You might have been able to potty train him at an earlier stage but the fact is that it didn’t work out that way. Now you will have to patiently wait for your toddler to make the decision by himself.

Speak about using the bathroom in a very positive way and encourage him with his most desired toys. Even bribes might not work but sooner or later he will prefer to use the bathroom for his needs. The worst thing to do is to stress about it.

If you feel nervous and worry about your toddler’s development you should definitely speak to a professional who might be able to help you by speaking to your child. Just remember that too much commission around his refusing the potty might just lead to additional setbacks.

As hard as it might seem, your best action right now is to not take action and act as if everything is just as it should. Soon enough you will hear a proud little one announce that he did in the right place!

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