Book Review of a Cat in a Hat by Dr Seuss

A Cat in a Hat is a classic that you might have heard as a child and if you didn’t keep your own copy of it, it is a great idea to get a new one for your own kids. Did you see the movie A Cat in a Hat? Well guess what? The book has the same crazy pace and joyful feeling. Get ready to read it over and over again for your little ones. Learn more about this classic book in this review of a Cat in a Hat by Dr Seuss.

For What Ages?

You can begin to read A Cat in a Hat at an early age. Even when your child is mostly interested in the pictures you can say with your own words what the cat is up to. Don’t expect young children to sit and listen to the rhymes! This will be more interesting from an older age. Even if you have a baby you might want to get this book and place it in the book case to have something really cool to look forward to. Try it every now and then to see if your baby is ready for Dr Seuss.

The Pleasure of Great Language

Something every review of A Cat in a Hat by Dr Seuss must mention is the wonderful language and tone of the book. The rhymes are simply outstanding in that they read so easily. You will find yourself enjoying this book as much as your kids do! When it is fun to read you will do it more often and also give your kids the feeling that reading is easy. This is something they will benefit from when they start school. The rhymes of A Cat in a Hat have a wonderful flow that you will love to ride.


If you like the illustrations or not is a matter of taste but a little warning is in place here. Don’t expect the amazing visual effects of the film. This is a classic and the pictures are also classics. They are funny and definitely enjoyable but they are not up to par with Hollywood movies. It could be a good idea to hold off with the movie a bit; at least till your children know the story from the book or they could find it a bit tame on the visual side.

All in all, A Cat in a Hat by Dr Seuss is a book you should have at home!

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