How to Find Good Children’s Books

It is convenient to sit them in front of the TV or the computer but most agree that a real book is something that will never go out of style. Children’s books are still being written and there is a lot to choose from. So how to find good children’s books without feeling completely lost in the big sea of great books that are available? Here are a few things to think about before you head out to get good books for your kids…

Small Children
If you are getting books for small children or babies you should get books with pictures rather than stories to read. Most young children are more interested in the illustrations and you can basically tell them any story while you explain each picture. It is only around 4 years old that the kids start to actually listen to a complete story so before this you should concentrate on the visual.

Another important point with small children is that they tend to eat, tear, bend, chew and lick their books. Don’t get the most expensive books! It can even be preferable to get second hand books that might be a bit torn to begin with because they will end up in the trash can within a few weeks or so.

Older Kids
For older children you need to consider the themes and story when you think about how to find good children’s books. It is always safe to go with the classics like Dr. Seuss which is a good choice both for the sake of entertainment and education. Think about that the reading you do with your child will be remembered and it is a great chance to build your child’s understanding of words and sentence structure without them even thinking about it. It is such a beautiful gift that you can give your child almost effortlessly!

Ask other Parents (Including your own!)
Don’t forget that other parents with older kids have great advice regarding how to find good children’s books. They might even have some of their own favorites to lend you. Boys and girls don’t always like the same themes and stories but there are plenty of great classics for kids that all children love to hear over and over again. If your parents didn’t keep your favorite books you can always ask them to remind you of the titles. You can buy new editions or get them from your local library. Just remember that a library book must be returned and to grow a special love for books in your kid’s heart it is always nice to build a bookcase with the best children’s books to enjoy and cherish!

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