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How to Dress Your Baby for the Winter

Cold weather is a fact for many of us and during the winter months you might find it too tricky to go out and play with your kids. It is cold and wet outside so you suffer inside with kids climbing at the walls. To get through this kind of scenario you must either learn how to activate your baby properly indoors or know how to dress your baby for the winter.

The second option is the best one because playing outside dressed properly is healthy both for you and your baby.


The first thing to know about is layers. Layers of clothing help to preserve your baby’s heath. You should not overdo it. Your baby must stay mobile to be able to run, climb and have fun outside. Put on a good long sleeved jump suit or sweater coupled with long join underwear. Put another layer of shirt and pants over this. Depending on your baby’s shoes you might also want to layer the socks for maximum warmth. Just make sure not to pack it too tight as it is the air in between the layers that becomes warm and keeps the heath better.

Keep the Water out!

Over your baby’s regular clothes and jacket you should add some form of rain set unless you have an overall which is also rain proof. It is very important to keep your baby dry and especially so by the feet, head and hands. Make sure that your overalls or rain suit has snaps and straps that make sure that your baby’s shoes or both fit well inside so that no water can creep in through cracks.

Hat and Gloves

Don’t forget about the hat and gloves. It is a well-known myth that most of the body heath goes out through the head but even if this is not true you should keep the head warm and protected by a comfortable hat. Make sure that your baby won’t sweat and get wet hair under the hat. If he already got wet hair you should take him inside and dry it, not remove the hat to let the cold wind give him a blow dry!

Quality clothes are always great but remember that it is how you dress your baby for the winter that matters. Use your Mommy senses and get out there for play also when the wind howls and the puddles stand deep. These moments will become sensatory and emotional memories that your baby will cherish for life!

How to Choose Dog – A List for Making your Decision

Dogs are popular all over the world for their loyalty and playfulness. A dog can transform a home to a happy and healthy one. How to choose dog is not the easiest thing to figure out. There are many things to consider. Before you choose dog you should sit down and discuss the issue with the people who will be affected by the presence of the new family member. Even if you live alone your dog might need some babysitting now and then so make sure to talk about it with the people that could be your candidates for this job.

To help you how to choose dog has put together a list. Go through this list. Discuss with your family or potential dog sitter how the points on the list affect you and your life. This should help you to choose dog with the kind of smarts that will lead to a dog which will fit you and your family just right!

1. Is anyone allergic? If there are people in the house with allergies it is possible that they might also be allergic to dogs. It isn’t hard to test this but make sure to do so before you move on and decide how to choose dog.

2. Big, small, brown, long hair, short hair… the list goes on. Discuss what type of dog you envision so that you can narrow down the type of dog that you are actually looking for.

3. Borrow a dog. You can help the process of how to choose dog by borrowing one from a friend or neighbor. See how it works in reality.

4. Temperament of the dog will also influence your choice. To decide on this you need to be aware of your life style. Do you travel a lot, do sports, do you often go for walks? You will want a dog that likes to do what you like to do.

5. Who is going to care for the dog? A dog can be a lot of work. You need to walk it, groom it and care for it when it get sick. Ask yourself if you have time for this and look into the types of dogs that demand less maintenance if you are short for time. For an example, a short hair dog will not need vigorous combing like a long haired one.

6. When you are trying to figure out how to choose dog you should also watch movies online where people demonstrate their dogs and talk about why they love them. This should give you an idea of what you are looking for in a dog which will help your search immensely.

Happy dog hunting!

Time to Clean the Toys

Spring cleaning, Pesach cleaning, as the days get warmer and the trees start to turn green and lush again many of us feel the desire to clean toys and perhaps even more important clean them out! Trucks and cars with 3 wheels and dolls who did not survive attempts of saving limbs gets to go to the trash bin.

When cleaning toys the throwing them out part should be done during the times when the kids are out. If a certain toy holds a special place in your child’s heart you should obviously let it stay no matter how broken it is but for those pieces of plastic collecting dust the coast is clear; to the bin!

Cleaning toys can be a great activity for the afternoon with your kids helping you out. Gather all of the plastic blocks and lego pieces and dump them into a bucket of soapy water. Get tooth brushes and let everyone help with the scrubbing. Smaller kids really like this activity! All of the clean toys that needs rinsing goes into a separate container and you will handle the rinsing after bed time if necessary.

Be prepared for a mess so do the cleaning of toys with your kids in the bathroom or outside. Lots of water will end up on the floors and be ready for soaked children. If you think you can handle the scenario, cleaning toys with your kids is a great activity which makes you get closer to bed time all that faster!

For soft toys and teddy bears you simply toss them into the laundry machine to make sure that all of your children’s toys are clean and ready for another round of play!

How can I get the Kids to Order their Room?

If you want your kids to pitch in and help with the cleaning and ordering you will have to start from a young age but it is never too late. The best thing you can do is set an example. If you make a big deal out of cleaning and ordering they learn that this is a task which is not fun and even aggravating.

If you yourself leave the house without putting everything back in place you can hardly ask from your kids to be any different. Try to better your own practices while you try to influence your kids to become more ordered.
Positive reinforcement is always a good idea and even if you feel completely annoyed by the mess in the kid’s room you should stop yourself and think of constructive ways to make them clean and order it. If they are very young it might be enough to ask them to make order and then they will get a treat.

Once the room is ordered you will walk in and inspect it and make a big fuss over how nice it is. Even if some toys are still out on the floor you should act as if it perfectly fine. This will make young kids want to do this again and they might just surprise you with a neat room without you having to offer treats for it.

You can also get in there with them and make the order together. Make sure that all things have a place and involve the kids in where this place should be. Buy cheap storing boxes and let the kids help you label them. Put building blocks in one, pens and crayons in another and do this together with the kids.

Put some good music on and make the kids feel that order can be fun. You will also enjoy ordering the kid’s room much more this way. The cleaning and ordering will also become quality time which brings you closer to bedtime that much faster!

Happy cleaning and ordering with your kids!