Are Baby Monitors Safe?

Baby monitors are shunned by some and loved by others. You don’t have to belong to a certain school of parenting to see the advantage of an extra pair of ears. We all have moments when we can’t let the baby sleep exactly where we are and in these situations it is a comfort to still keep a close connection should the need arise.

Safety of Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is never the problem when it comes to the safety of your baby. You can’t expect the baby monitor to do the job for you as a parent. The idea is that you cause an extra safe environment by being able to hear your baby cry for you even when you are on a different floor or in a different room. Baby monitors should never be used at such a distance that you can’t come to your baby’s aid fast. Going to a next door party with a baby monitor is irresponsible and could end really sad!

If your Baby Plays with the Monitor

Some baby monitors are made to be used for toddlers and these will either have to be placed out of reach or be safe enough for the child to touch. There are two aspects to this. The first one is your child’s safety and health. The monitor cannot have any small parts that could come loose and find its way to your child’s little hands and mouth. The other aspect is that you want the device to last and not break. It is hard to name any electrical application that can withstand the test of a curious toddler so you’ better install a shelf out of reach to truly enjoy the baby monitor!

Get a Good Brand!

If you are looking for a safe baby monitor you will also have to get a safe brand which is known to work well. Read reviews and decide if you want to try this helpful machine or not. Many parents do well without so it is not a must but rather a nice way to make things around the house less complicated when there is a baby or toddler around at sleep time!

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