Can adults get pinworms from children?

Pinworms can make anyone feel tired. You wash and clean, and you use special methods to get rid of pinworms and yet they keep coming back. Suddenly you start to feel itchy and you wonder if you could have caught the pinworms from your child. It is disgusting to think about it but the truth … Read more

How to get rid of Pinworms

Before you start reading this article about how to get rid of pinworms, please, finish your drink and snack. This article is about the little white worms and their eggs, and even if the articles here on try to keep a clean language, you are bound to read a thing or two in this … Read more

Can I treat Pinworms with Soap and Water?

Pinworms are very common and the good thing is that they are not dangerous. They won’t harm your child if they are treated witin reasonable time. Pinworms are difficult since they create a lot of discomfort which makes it hard for the child to sleep and concentrate. The constant itching can drive anyone crazy and … Read more

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