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How can I get my Husband to change the Diapers?

Many men feel that they can’t cope with diapers and for some reason they believe that this doesn’t have to be dealt with. If you have a partner that won’t pitch in and shape diapers you might just accept it or you might be looking for ways to change it.

First of all, complaints and anger won’t make your husband change the diapers any faster. Try to be as nice about it as you can while giving him hints that it could really help you if he also took care of a change every now and then.

When he changes a diaper you should give him enormous positive feedback. Much more than what you might think is necessary. Blow on the big horn without making him feel that you are making fun of him.

You can also put your husband in situations where he will simply have to change that diaper. This will teach him that changing a diaper really isn’t such a big deal. Make sure that he has the things that could make it easier for him like wet napkins, plastic disposable gloves and easily accessible trash bags.

If he still refuses to change the diapers you might want to let him watch this little video. Yes, even gentlemen change diapers!

Are wet wipes dangerous for the baby?

It is so convenient to use the pre-wetted wipes to clean the baby’s bottom, hands and face but did you ever stop to think about what is in the solution that wets the wipes? Most wet napkins are full of chemicals and you would never dream of letting your child put a drop of them into his mouth. Yet you smear these chemical all over his skin and around his mouth. Not to mention what happens when you clean baby’s hands and then he puts them into his mouth…

Wet napkins are dangerous
There are always degrees of darkness and it is hard to say that wet napkins are harmless for your baby. It is true that millions of babies all over the world are cleaned by these chemical products every day and we don’t hear about serious health problems in the news as a result of it. The problem with this reasoning is that it might be too early to speak about any real knowledge of the dangers of wet napkins. Right now babies might be suffering health issues because of wet baby napkins and we are just not yet aware of it.

Using wet napkins with care
If you still feel that you want to continue the use of wet napkins with chemicals on your baby you should consider keeping it to the bottom. Avoid the face and hands and try to wash the bottoms with soap and water at least before bed time to remove the chemicals.

Organic wet napkins
You could also try to get hold of wet baby napkins without the chemicals. Don’t expect these to be in sale like the regular ones. You will pay a slightly higher price for them but you can also make sure to use them only on baby and not to waste them on wiping the table and counters.

Soap and water
Don’t forget that your baby’s skin will benefit from soap and water. As much as you can, you should try to simply clean him with wash cloth and soapy water. Sometimes this is not possible and then it could be great with an occasional wet napkin wipe.

So to answer the question if wet napkins are dangerous the answer is that yes, chemicals are dangerous for both babies and adults and wet napkins could very well prove to have harmful effects in a near future.