How to find the cheapest diapers

Diapers aren’t cheap and if you have many kids using them during a period of several years you could end up spending a smaller fortune on them. You could either decide to go natural and use cloth diapers which are the cheapest alternative for diapering or you could try to find the cheapest diapers. To … Read more

How can I get my Husband to change the Diapers?

Many men feel that they can’t cope with diapers and for some reason they believe that this doesn’t have to be dealt with. If you have a partner that won’t pitch in and shape diapers you might just accept it or you might be looking for ways to change it. First of all, complaints and … Read more

Are wet wipes dangerous for the baby?

It is so convenient to use the pre-wetted wipes to clean the baby’s bottom, hands, and face but did you ever stop to think about what is in the solution that wets the wipes? Most wet napkins are full of chemicals and you would never dream of letting your child put a drop of them … Read more

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