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Traveling with Kids to Stockholm – Where to Stay

A trip to Stockholm with kids can be a challenge and you will have to know where to go for suitable entertainment. It is true that the Swedish speak English and you can get around easily but for your kids the experience will be different. By making sure to know where to stay in Stockholm with kids you can plan a trip which will be fun and interesting also for the small ones. Here is what you should consider before you book plane tickets and hotel room.

Will you drive in Stockholm?
If you rent a car as you get to Sweden you can choose to stay in a hotel closer to the airport. There are a few choices for hotels around Stockholm that are conveniently close to the airports. The big airport, Arlanda, is a 30-40 minute drive from the center city and many choose to go with a cheaper hotel in this area rather than one located centrally. If you have a car and plan to see the amazing nature around the city if will be a good idea for you and your kids to stay closer to the airport.

Getting to the Central Attractions for Kids
A visit to Stockholm with kids calls for the Skansen Museum and Junibacken. You are most likely familiar with characters like Pippi Longstocking and in Stockholm you will find a place with her and all of the other unique personalities that the author Astrid Lindgren invented. At Junibacken, kids get to touch and feel the environments described in the books and films and there is also material for English speakers so this is a good choice when you travel to Stockholm with kids.
On a sunny day you should take the kids to the museum called Skansen which is located a walking distance from Junibacken. Here they can eat candy, see ancient houses, ride on merry-go-rounds and more. This is a treat for kids as well as grownups.

For central attractions in Stockholm like Skansen and Junibacken it is wise to stay in a hotel in the city. There are some excellent choices located within walking distance from these museums and if you book in advance you can get sizable discounts. Staying with kids in Stockholm can be made easy when you don’t have to bother with a car and look for parking everywhere. Use a cab when you need it and spend the rest of the time strolling from cool shops to interesting museums.
Stockholm is a great place for walks so Expertmom advice you to stay in a central hotel with the kids unless you know that you need to drive outside of the city to visit family or other errands.

Is it Difficult to Travel by Air with Kids? How to Prepare the Flight

If you are about to embark on your first long trip with kids you will need to prepare for the time on the airplane. Very small kids might be comfortable in the seat for many hours but toddlers are known for making life painful for those seated around you. Don’t get discouraged if you see that people start to sigh when they see you and your team come aboard to be seated nearby. It is understandable that travelers get annoyed by kids on the plane ride. Here is what you can do to make it all more comfortable for everyone.

Travel with the Best Airline
Before you book your tickets you should investigate how well the different airlines cater to a younger audience. Do they offer inflight movies and if yes, are these movies displayed on a general screen or right in front of your child? You should also ask what special measures they take to make the flight easier and more pleasant for you and your kids. Usually the airline gives out toys at the start of the journey but don’t count on these to entertain all the way. You need to bring your own artillery of entertainment as well!

Bring the Right Sort of Toys
Don’t bring toys and activities that you think your kids will enjoy on the plane, bring what you KNOW they will love. There are certain things that they always love to play with and you should hide these away the weeks before the trip. When you bring that play dough or special car set out in the plane it will be a novelty worth many minutes of quiet for you and the other passengers.

Relax, Kids are Kids!
You are expected by your fellow travelers to take care of your kids but don’t let people’s annoyed faces bring your mood down. Kids are kids and they also have a right to travel. You can’t expect a 4 year old to sit quiet for 10 hours on a trans-Atlantic flight. You try to arrange his naps and toys as good as you can and the rest is simply not in your hands. If you are lucky you will get stewards and stewardesses with love for children if not this is also something to accept and not get upset by.

If your flight is full it gets cramped but sometimes there is extra space so that you can have more than one chair for your kids. In this case it gets easier to lay them down for a nap or breastfeed laying down if you need to. Make sure to ask the staff aboard the plane about these opportunities before take-off so that you can arrange your seating in the most comfortable way.

Have a great trip with your kids!

Travel with kids – what to do on an airplane with kids

If you have to travel many hours by plane with kids you could be in for a nightmare or you could manage just fine. If you want the time on the airplane with the kids pass fast and pleasantly you better prepare well for it.

To manage when traveling by plane with kids you need to think about toys that will keep them busy in a sitting position for a long time. If you kid doesn’t normally enjoy drawing then don’t get creative with a set of crayons and a sketch book for the plane ride! Think about what your kid usually enjoys in the afternoons and early evenings when you stay at home.

If this means that you need to bring some movies and a DVD viewer you should do so. You don’t necessarily have to buy a small computer or compact DVD for the plane ride with the kids. Ask around. Your family or friends might be able to lend you one. Don’t forget about the classical story tapes. Your children might enjoy listening to stories while flying. Try it out when going for a car ride to see if they like this form of entertainment for the road.

Both kids and grownups need to stretch legs and arms on plane rides. When you fly with kids you shouldn’t expect of them to sit still without complaints the whole way. Make a little stroll with one kid at a time and try to do so at times when the food carts are not out rolling. For a kid on an airplane a thing like the lavatories might be a very interesting thing if you just take the time to explain how things work in there.

According to age of the kids you can find different things to focus on during the plane ride. Ask them before the trip what they look forward to see and if there is anything special they would like to know about airplanes. You might have to forget about showing them the cockpit due but it is always worth it to ask.

Bring your kids tired to the plane ride. Let them move a lot before you board the plane and bring things like small pillows and favorite blankets for sleep to help them take naps during the plane ride.
Enjoy your plane ride with your kids!

Travel with kids – packing

There are many things to think about when you travel with kids. Kids need to be stimulated at all waking hours and you can’t count on them sitting still watching the clouds or road outside the window for many hours. Something that is very important to think about when you travel with kids is how you pack. Not only do you need to bring good toys but you must also think about necessities like changes of clothing that should be easily available.

When you pack the toys to keep your kids busy with when you travel you need to think about how they work. If you bring pens and papers, make sure that pencils are sharpened and that you have a pencil sharpener with you for any case. Also think about the ages of your kids. Some kids do well with ink around your kitchen table but when you travel with kids, things could get messy if a toddler suddenly decides to give the train interior a remake.

For toys that operate with batteries you need to make sure to have spare batteries with you. You should also consider that one toy like this might not be enough for more than one kid. They share happily at home but in a car or on a plane this might be the only attraction in sight. Therefore you should make sure to have something cool for each kid so that they won’t start bickering over the same toy.

Don’t forget that when you travel with kids you must have the most important clothing and things like diapers readily available. If you are flying with the kids you don’t want to be stuck without changes of clothes for them if the luggage is delayed. Pack each kid a bag with their own clothes and favorite toys. This way you know for sure that they have enough for the trip and after if that becomes necessary.

Happy travelling with your kids!