Coupon Mom, don’t use every Coupon!

Yes you read that title right, if you are a coupon Mom you need to consider which coupons you use. It can be impressive to watch a successful coupon Mom make her weekly shopping for less than $10 but it is not enough to save money, you need to get value for your money! Being frugal or smart with the money does not mean that you should have to accept a lower quality of life for you and your kids. This is not the goal of saving money with coupons, unless you want a spot in the limelight to show how you get by on coupons only!

Products that are passed their Date

It is quite common that coupon Moms make use of offers that cover products that are about to be taken off the shelves. If a product is close to its due date it might be fine but it could also be a bad choice. Realize that many of the products that have a long shelf life are propped with preservatives. Every now and then there is a news report of someone who kept a piece of cake in the fridge for 10 years and then ate it. The cake stayed the same and there were no health issues involved, immediate health issues that is.

Eat Healthy with your Coupons

Don’t go for the low quality food just because you can get it cheap with a coupon. This is a bad tactic that will only lead to poor health and more cravings for junk. If you get coupons for fresh produce that is excellent but you might want to stay away from the super savings on broth and biscuits. The strategy here is to search out the right coupons for your life style and not the opposite.

To save money with coupons you need to be smart and have an effective system for saving them. Part of this system must be your common sense where your actual needs and preferences come before any shocker price. If you go by this you will be the healthy coupon Mom!

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