Does it make a Difference with a Teether?

Some babies suffer more from teething pains than others and when you see that your child is constantly rubbing at their gums a teether might be helpful. There are many different types of teething tools and when you pick one for your baby you need to keep a few things in mind. Foremost is safety but after this you can enjoy the cool designs available and get something which is both practical and playful.

A Simple Teether

Look, the simplest teether is usually for free and exists in your home already. Kids are good at finding solutions for soothing their itching and sore gums. It might be perfectly sufficient with fingers or the edge of a treasured toy. The thing you need to think about here is that finger sucking could become a habit and it is much easier to remove a teether toy than get rid of such a habit. This works much like a pacifier, and indeed a pacifier can also be a teether.


If you are already using a pacifier you can be lucky enough to go through the teething period without much noise. Many children find the pacifier soothing enough and you don’t realize that they are actually suffering from itchy gums. Put the pacifier in the freezer every now and then to give an extra cooling effect, especially when you do see that it is being used for this purpose.

Cooling Teethers

There are some very simple teethers with fluid inside that can be cooled down to have a better effect on the gums. These are usually available in any pharmacy or grocery store and they are pretty efficient. However, some of these teething tools can start to leak the water if your child is persistent enough and this is a bit scary. They can also be too plain to be of interest to the child but this is a question of personality and taste.

Cool Teethers

The very best teethers are shaped like toys and the child can play and gnaw away to everybody’s satisfaction. In fact, getting a teether toy meant for this purpose is probably the safest solution since the materials and colors used are not harmful for the child to gnaw off. For children that are eating on their toys this is a smart solution and one that doesn’t cost much. Get a popular toy teether and surprise your baby with it. It will become a treasured companion for Mom and baby, also for after the actual teething period.

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