Great Gifts for 4 Year Olds – Get a Board Game!

4 year olds are ready to play board games, but what should you get? There are many, many, cool board games out there for younger kids but not all of them are easy to get into. If there are many tweaks and tricks to a game it might go lost on a lively 4 year old boy. If you think that board games are great ideas for gifts for 4 year old boys you should try Ludo…

What is Ludo?

Ludo is a board game where 4 players can participate. Everyone will get 4 markers and with a dice these markers must be taken around the board to get into the goal in the middle. If you want to add extra spice to the game you can allow “push.” This is when someone gets their marker to the same point of another marker. In this case the other marker will be sent back to its home again to start over.

An easy and fun Game!

Ludo is simply easy and fun and both kids and adults can enjoy it. You don’t have to think much to get into the game so you will have the opportunity to truly enjoy your kids as they race towards the goal with the markers. Younger children will also be stimulated to learn how to count and older are more into the competitive part of this game.

A Classic Game

If you didn’t play Ludo as a child you will certainly continue to do so with your grandchildren. This is a classic game with a theme that is so universal and easy to get. If you are looking for cool gifts for a 4 year old boy, this might be the very best board game out there. You can always get Memory and other easy board games, but Ludo has the advantage of engaging kids of many different age groups.

If you are worried about the markers getting lost, you can get the modern magnetic kind which is especially suitable for lively little boys around the table. Get ready to play Ludo with your kids, and have a great time, just make sure not to lose your mood when you won’t beat them at it!

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