How can you Help a Single Mom?

In some places single Moms are still considered a weird thing and when the woman from down the street shows up with her child in the park you are not sure what is OK to say and what not. Does she want to get married again? Will she be insulted if you mention your husband every so often? Most of all, how can you help a single Mom? Read this article and get some ideas for how you can be a really good neighbor and friend of a single Mom!

Not too nosy but keep things Honest!

A single Mom is highly aware of her situation and of the fact that you know about it. If you feel weird about hanging with her and constantly mentioning your own home life you can simply ask her if it bothers her. Show some tact and refrain from speaking too much about your lucky little family. It can be a nice thing to show that a married Mom can feel like a single one as well. If you share some of your personal Mom issues rather than beaming about your helpful husband with the hammer and dish rag, you will give her some support and companionship.

Offer your help, but mean it!

It is all too common for people to offer single mothers their help without really meaning it. Things like “you can call me if you need babysitting,” or “I would love to help you, just ask!” will not be very helpful. She will certainly need your help but chances are that she will never tell you unless she is beyond desperate. Instead of offering some help, sometime, be specific. Tell her, “Tomorrow I have a day off, do you want me to pick up your daughter from playschool?” or “I am doing groceries with a car this week, want to come along?”

This is tangible help which will truly feel like you mean it and you will earn a good deed whether she says yes or not.
Finding her a new Spouse

Some single Moms want new men and some are still too upset and hurt to even think about this possibility. Let her lead you to the conclusions. It is OK to ask a single Mom if she is looking but don’t start playing the match maker just because you know of some other separated guy about her age. She is probably working through her own emotional issues and she will let you know when she is ready for a new try so stay sensitive to this!

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