Can a Work from Home Mom make a Normal Income?

Are you considering working from home? Many mothers find that working from home is the only way they can manage both a career and family. If you plan to breastfeed for as long as possible it will be easier to be a work from home Mom with a baby. You can leave the breast pumps at the shelf in the store and nurse when you need, but it all depends on what kind of work you will do.

Moving your Current Work to your House

If you haven’t asked your boss if you could start working from home you might want to do so. The last thing you should do is discuss this with your coworkers. They might have the same silent dreams and if you go ahead with it, it could make them feel as if steal the spot. Likewise, your colleagues might be under the impression that you working from home mean a heavier work load on them. You got it, keep this discussion between you and the manager!

Salary from the Work

You might have to accept a lower income if you are going to transfer your job to become a work from home job. Even if this feels a bit like a bummer you must realize that you also save a lot of expenses by working from home. You don’t need to travel to work, this saves time and money, you are right there when the kids need you, this saves money on childcare. The money you lose from your current salary might actually be less than what you save by working from home so keep this in mind when you calculate for the costs involved.

Can you do it?

Not everyone can function as a work from home Mom. If you will feel depressed by being alone so many hours a day you might not be as productive and in this case you won’t make the same money that you could being happy and stimulated. It depends a lot on your personality. Some women feel that this is exactly what makes them produce more and better. You can always find the middle way and work some hours from home and some from the office. This could be the ideal plan if you are a Mom with a new baby on the way!

Starting a Business

A work from home Mom that starts a business could actually make more money than ever before. If you have a passion for something this could be your chance to truly succeed. The hard part is taking the step and dare to go for your dreams. It helps to have support so make sure that the family is with you to back you up when things are moving slowly and you need some reassurance that you are doing the right thing.

To answer the question, can a work from home Mom make a normal income, yes she can!

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