How to Keep the Kid’s Car Seat Clean

If you allow food and snacks in the car you will soon have a mess building up in the back seat and maybe even up front. Your kids are having a party with summer ice creams and while you look back at them and smile about clown faces the real fun will begin later. If you like taking the baby seats out of the car every month, by all means, continue the sticky behavior, if not you need to re-think your car policies.

No Food in the Car Means Clean Seats

If you decide to totally ban all foods from your car (groceries are fine) you will not see brown, yellow and grayish patches of something that once was edible. Before you let anyone into your card you need to act policeman and discard anything that could constitute as food. You should also give adult passengers strict instructions about your food policies and make sure that they adhere by them. No one will love you but, man (sorry woman!), will your car ever be clean!

As you glance back at sour faces looking for a little snack you should just turn the car stereo on high volume and think about the hours of cleaning you are saving yourself!

Just Deal With it!

Car seats for kids are meant to become messy and dirty and if you can’t act policeman of the car you’d better just accept this fact. Learn how to clean baby seats, boosters and regular car seats and do it with joy! Remember that ice cream, cake, chewing gum and other edibles do come out with some water and soap and scrubbing. Don’t get angry about this task but approach it with love and dedication.

Yes, seriously, by learning how to clean your kid’s car seats with love you can actually work on yourself and your attitude in life. Having said this you can still exclude certain substances from your car, marijuana included! It gets easier when all you have to do is vacuum crumbs and wash off some ice cream from the baby car seats.

Another simple trick is to cover your car seats with towels before you put in the baby chairs. This should also let you relax more when the party gets going in the back seat. You can look back at them, smile, and just throw that towel into the laundry later. Smile again, and live a long, happy and clean life!

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