How to Make a Man Wear a Baby

If your Man is just as passionate about baby wearing as you that’s great but the fact is that many men couldn’t care less about what sort of vehicle the baby is transported in. Some men find baby wearing dangerous and for them it takes more than a home sown sling to get help with the wearing. Here are some tips for how to make a man wear a baby. Once you get him started you will see that he’ll really catch on and that will leave you with more time and energy for other things.

Choosing a Baby Carrier

The first step in how to make a man wear a baby should be to present him with the best baby carrier. All men are different and some feel perfectly fine walking around with a hippie style wrap around their chest and back. For men that care about their appearance and look to be more slick this could very well be the kind of baby carrier that will make them shy away from the very thought of helping out with the baby wearing. Look into cool looking baby carriers like Baby Bjorn and choose a masculine color.

Ease of Use

All though wraps and slings are very popular by breastfeeding mothers they are not the way to make a man wear a baby. If you thought that it was hard to learn how to tie that wrap, imagine how he will handle it! Again, sporty baby carriers like Chicco and Baby Bjorn are meant for carrying babies without brains. They are safe and extremely easy to put on and off. You show him once and he is ready to go.

Hand Him the Baby!

Don’t get possessive about the baby wearing. Even if you feel that you have powers and enjoy doing it, it is smart and fair to hand the baby over whenever you can. If you go for walks together make it a habit to dress your Man with the baby in the baby carrier. This will lead to comfort that will make your Man take the initiative to start baby wearing without you around. Remember that babies sleep very well in baby carriers. You can stretch out and take a nap in your bed while baby sleeps on Dad’s chest.

This is how to make a man wear a baby, good luck!

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