How to Make Gripe Water

Gripe water is a natural remedy for baby tummies that is fairly easy to make. When you make your own gripe water you must make sure to do so only with clean utensils. You should clean the area for preparation of the natural medicine with boiling water and also boil the cup that you want to make the mixture in.

How to Make Gripe Water – Ingredients:
Dill seeds
Chamomile tea
Sugar, brown or white

Take two table spoons of dill seeds and crush them to a powder with the back of the spoon. Put this powder into a clean cup and add chamomile tea. A tea bag will work just fine. To this you add boiling water, just like you would when preparing a regular cup of tea.

Don’t Sweeten your Gripe Water with Honey!
To make the gripe water tastier for the baby you can add a little bit of sugar. Don’t add honey as this can be dangerous for babies.
Let your homemade gripe water sit for 10 minutes before you strain it and add it to your baby’s bottle or drip 1-2 table spoons of it into the baby’s mouth as you are about to breastfeed.

As you can see it is pretty easy to learn how to make gripe water but if you feel that it is a lot of mess and something that you just can’t fit into your current schedule that makes sense. A baby with a fussy tummy is a lot of work and you want to use your free moments for other things. If this is the case you can either ask someone else to prepare the gripe water according to these instructions or you can simply by ready made safe and natural gripe water online safe and natural gripe water online and get it delivered in your mail.

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